Gmail: Tricks to free up space and organize your email

Popular email service Gmail, Which is part of the Google Apps system, places it as one of the most used apps worldwide because it is free, easy to use and It has a large storage space, although this is still limited.

Gmail Provides 15 GB of available storage space, Which is also shared with Google Drive and Google Photos, so it’s bound to get full inbox or folders, and sooner or later it will be necessary to free up space.

To keep your inbox neat and roomy, this is it Five tricks any user can apply:

Delete attachments

This is the main reason for gmail storage saturation, because even though messages take up little space, when they are accompanied by songs, videos, or photos they can represent a significant decrease in available space.

To solve this problem, Gmail provides an easy way to discover messages that are heavier in terms of downloading and saving important attachments and deleting messages.

Gmail advanced search menu.

By clicking in the field Gmail search The advanced options are displayed, and among them we can select the one that says “Contains attachments.” Then we click on Search, and as a result, we will only see emails that match the search filter.

Removing large emails

A solution similar to the previous solution consisting of Search for emails that exceed a certain numberThe application allows you to search for messages larger than 10 MB.

Again from the Gmail search box, we must enter the request Has: elbow, largest: 10 m, And what it will do is show emails with attachments larger than 10MB (or the specified number).

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Clean up your spam folder

A large portion of the occupied storage space is the folder in which the spam or suspected spam ends up.

To eliminate it, it’s as simple as navigating to and emptying your spam folder.

Google services offer 15 GB shared for shared storage.

Get rid of old messages

Although with the previous options we can remove a large number of saved emails unnecessarily, we can do a little more cleaning by removing content that is no longer useful.

To see Gmail messages by age, we can use sort in the search box Oldest: AAAA / MM / DDTo determine the year, month and day. For example, to view emails older than 2015, you can search as follows: Older: 01/01/2015.

Find and delete messages based on dates.

Check out Google Drive and Google Photos

The free 15GB that Gmail offers is shared with files and documents in Drive and also with photos and videos stored in Google Photos.

For this reason, cleaning files in these tools also affects the storage available in the email service.

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