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After the final presentation of the GLOCAL AgriFoodTech Latam 2021, prizes were awarded 3 Startups Contest winners.

“During the four months of a program We have reached over one million people from all over Latin America, and the actions promoted by the vast network and global community stand out,” organized by AgriFoodTech Latam Program 2021.

Agrifoodtech Latam 2021

The program had over 400 applicants from startups from countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, USA, Canada and some of Europe. Through an in-depth analysis, the GLOCAL team has identified the final ten candidates who have a three-impact business model and dream of revolutionizing the world of agri-food through disruptive solutions.

The winning company chosen by the jury was done correctly. For its part, the audience announced through the social networks of GLOCAL that it is their favorite. More than 2,200 people participated in voting for Muda Meu Mundo which received 58% of the total.

Finally, a team worldwide Savefruit has been selected.

They declared that “given the great performance and working idea of ​​the ten finalists, it was a huge surprise when they announced that they were all going to get the accelerator.” A special ‘Fastrack to UK 2021’ award was also presented, by the Department for International Trade, to Savetic and Done Properly.

After that, 10 startups reached the final stage of AgriFoodTech Latam Program:

  • 1. Savetic (Argentina): technology that analyzes data in real time to reduce losses due to expiring stock of retailers and mass consumption companies.
  • 2. Agrolend (Brazil): Granting loans in an agile and secure manner to agricultural producers.
  • 3. Savefuit (Mexico): Biotechnology applied at the post-harvest stage, which allows to extend the life of the fruits, preserve their quality and extend their freshness.
  • 4. Cutler (Argentina): Modern, efficient and sustainable technology for livestock.
  • 5. Muda Meu Mundo (Brazil): Connecting small-scale producers and retailers through data intelligence to make a positive impact across the chain.
  • 6. Clear Leaf (Costa Rica): Nanotechnology in 100% non-toxic fungicides and bactericides for agricultural use.
  • 7. Ckapur (Argentina): vital inputs to increase agricultural production in a sustainable manner.
  • 8. Done Right (Chile): Developing the ingredients of the future through fermentation technology.
  • 9. EthicHub (Spain/Mexico): Sustainable, fast and secure financing for small producers through blockchain.
  • 10. Pow Foods (Chile): Animal-free, healthier and more nutritious food.
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The winners were selected by a jury composed of experts from the sector, consisting of:

  • Sebastian Calvo: CEO of Red Surcos
  • Agustin Zavora: Regional Director of Quality and Innovation LATAM en Portmalt
  • Karen Gerhardt: Director of Corporate Innovation by D Thrive
  • Marina Baima: Secretariat Cs. Technology and Innovation – Santa Fe Government
  • Sergio Simoncini: Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Bioceres
  • Hernan Castro: Chief Financial Officer, GLOCAL.

GLOCAL concluded, “We are very pleased with the goals and scope achieved throughout the program and grateful for every action undertaken by our auditors, professionals, and companies and organizations that have supported us globally.”

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