Global tension: The United States and Canada defy China and pass through the Taiwan Strait

United States and Canada Challenge China He commands several warships Taiwan Strait. Events broke out this Saturday and the transit was captured by the navies of both countries, supposedly on a joint mission in that area, where tape It is separated as an island country or an independent island far from mainland China. Well, it is known that Beijing It is considered Taiwan as part of his lands And he promised that will one day regain control, without throwing Use of military force.

In these waters, freedom of navigation and overflight applies, so it wasn’t much of a problem thanks to international law on the high seas. Photo: AP

That is, relations between the two regions have increasingly deteriorated in recent years Military and political pressure from Beijing towards Al Jazeera. the United States Seventh Fleet advertisement Saturday from your destroyer USS Chung Hun and the “HMCS Montreal” affiliate Royal Canadian Navy He was Make a routine crossing through a strait Taiwan on June 3“.

in this water “Freedom of navigation and overflight on the high seas shall be applied in accordance with international law,” a contract American Navy. It should be noted that the crossing of ships indicates the area America and our partners are committed to creating a free and open Indo-Pacific. added.

In fact, it is repetitive See ships from the United States Crossing straits, however, rarely do so with ships from another country. The last time a joint mission was carried out in this area was in September 2022. in a message on Twitter, Navy Canada Hold that both countries “Partners (who are]working for peace and security in the region”. Although the army Chinese indicated who supervised ship passage.

“Relevant countries deliberately create problems in the Taiwan Strait, deliberately intensify risks, and maliciously undermine regional peace and stability,” said Colonel Shi Yi, a military spokesman.

In another isolated incident last week, Chinese aircraft carrier “shandong” Two other ships crossed this area from 180 kilometers wide, In a new show of force after the military exercises China He performed around the island in April. tensions between Washington and Beijing intensified in recent months. relationships that United State with Taiwan It was one of the points of friction between the two powers.

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