Global alert for the arrest of Christiana Shamor…

Christiana Chamorro Barrios on Thursday began house arrest, incommunicado and in police custody, relatives and relatives said. Accused of money laundering, Chamorro was also barred from participating in the November elections. arrest him Concerned by human rights organizations Like Human Rights Watch and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The United Nations, the European Union and the United States also demonstrated against the arrest.

Human Rights Watch’s Latin America director, Jose Miguel VivancoOrtega’s government action refused. “It is a blow to any hope of fair elections in Nicaragua, and a critical test to determine whether the Biden administration can help protect human rights and democracy in the region,” Vivanco wrote on his Twitter account.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) He also criticized the arrest of the opposition candidate. “The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights expresses its concern about the political disqualifications requested by the Office of the Prosecutor for the candidate (Christiana Chamorro) for President,” they wrote in a tweet published by the Commission.

In turn, the General Directive of the United Nations (UN) “We are very familiar with the recent legal measures taken against Christiana Chamorro. These events create the risk of deteriorating confidence in the upcoming elections.” Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson Antonio GuterresSecretary General of the Organization.

within Peter StanoA spokesperson for the European Union Chancellery called for Chamorro’s immediate release. “The legal actions of chamorrocris run counter to a credible, transparent and open electoral process for the opposition and its candidates,” he wrote on Twitter.

American politics and Central America

Meanwhile, the American chancellor, Anthony BlinkThey asserted that Nicaragua is going in the “opposite direction” of what they consider to be free and fair elections. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica was in the framework of negotiations to address immigration from Central America to the United States, he rejected the action of the Office of the Attorney General of Nicaragua and emphasized that the situation in the Central American country worries not only the United States, but also the hemisphere in general.

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“In the Organization of American States (OAS), Nicaragua was called upon to take the necessary steps to hold free and fair elections, and instead of doing so, instead of fulfilling its responsibilities, including the responsibilities it committed to by signing – the American Charter twenty years ago is going in the opposite direction.” , announced the head of North American diplomacy.

Cristiana Chamorro was under house arrest this Wednesday, a few days after the deadline set by the OAS Assembly in May 2021, whose goal was for the Nicaraguan government to implement electoral reforms ensuring free, fair and transparent elections and the re-establishment of democratic guarantees. in the country.

metropolitan court Managua issued search and arrest warrant against him for “arbitrary administration and ideological error in a real competition with the crime of money laundering, property and assets, at the expense of the Nicaraguan State and Nicaraguan society.” The Ministry of the Interior stated that Violetta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation مؤسسة – Dedicated to promoting freedom of the press and expression – Has not complied with obligations with the regulatory body. The ministry explained that “through the analysis of the financial statements for the period 2015-2019, clear indications of money laundering emerged.” At the beginning of the year, Chamorro Barrios announced the closure of the foundation after the legislature passed a law ordering organizations that receive funds from international cooperation to register as “foreign agents”. “We will renounce our Nicaraguan citizenship,” Chamorro said.

The opposition rejected the prosecution’s accusations and asserted that it was a farce to prevent it from participating in the elections scheduled for November 7. A few days ago, Chamorro asked to be included in Citizens for Freedom (CxL) CoalitionWhere will she present herself as a presidential candidate? According to Mr Gallup polls, Christiana Chamorro is currently the opposition figure most likely to win the November election. Although Ortega has yet to confirm his participation in the November elections, his opponents believe he will seek a fourth consecutive term.

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Chamorro family

Chamorro, 67, was born into a media-owned family with a long political career. The daughter of the famous journalist and former editor of La Prensa newspaper, Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, who was assassinated by the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza DePale, months before the victory of the Sandinista National Liberation Front. Christiana’s mother, Violetta Barrios de Chamorro, she defeated Daniel Ortega in the 1990 elections and was president of Nicaragua until 1997. During the government of Violetta Barrios, her daughter, Christiana Chamorro, was responsible for communications and public relations tasks for the executive branch and was also in charge of the newspaper La Presse.

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