Gina Ortega revealed that she almost turned down the role of “Merlina Adams” for this strange reason

“Merlina” was released in November Netflix Since then it has become one of the most viewed content on the platform. the Tim Burton Series She managed to establish herself as the second most watched English speaker in the history of the broadcasting giant, behind her “Weird things”.

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for six consecutive weeks, “Merlina” It was the most played worldwide, broke Nielsen’s audience records in the US and also increased its popularity on TikTok, since Jenna Ortega’s dance in the series Fun challenge.

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Success at this point is indisputable Jenna Ortega and his personality, Merlin Addams. Morticia and Homer’s eldest daughter went to the Never Again Academy to perfect her psychic abilities, but also to be the detective on a spate of murders linked to events from her parents’ past.

Gina Ortega almost decided not to be a part

What many probably don’t know is that the 20 year old actress He refused to be part of the series at first. According to information gathered by “The Times” in the UK, through an interview with the artist with Puerto Rican roots, the idea that was in her head translated into the fact that doing a lot of TV shows could overshadow other jobs.

Ortega He told the aforementioned medium: “I’ve done a lot of TV in my life, all I wanted to do was movies […] I was afraid that if I signed up for another TV show, it might keep me from doing other jobs that I really wanted and were interested in.” “Scream Six”: “Merlina” She took a leap in her career and her fans are already looking forward to the second season of the hit Netflix.

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