Gift or mockery? Haas gave Nikita Mazepin a spinner, blasted the team and sparked yet another F1 controversy.

Nikita Mazepin plays with the top

It’s in the eye of the storm in Formula 1 Because since his start this season, he has been involved in controversial maneuvers. Nikita Mazepin He usually spreads the news about some of the annoyance he causes to his teammates, including his Haas teammate, Mick Schumacher. This weekend in Grand Prix of Styria, finished last again and somehow criticized the mechanical means given to him by the American team, which gave him a strange gift in the run-up to the Austrian race.

billionaire billionaire son, Dmitriy MazepinOn his performance at the Red Bull Range Autodrome, he said: “I think I did a very good opening lap. I was happy with my position, I prepared myself for it, and I know very well where there can be a lot of cars and how to overtake them.”

Regarding the strategy the North American team used, which got Schumacher into the pits early and thus ended up with less fuel and a lighter car, he said: “When you have many laps, long lanes, You have a very heavy car compared to the other cars in our team, it is very difficult to stay ahead“.

While he was strong about the possibility of getting updates on his car: “I am not happy but I am waiting for a new opportunity to seize the opportunity, because now I am an easy target“.

“I do my best in the beginning and Then I am a carrot that must be reached and unfortunately I have been reached, and that is what is thereThe pilot, who knows he won’t make changes for at least two months, said: “Unfortunately not. Maybe in the next six or seven races, but it’s not too early,” Mazbin admitted.

Nikita Mazbein and Gunter Steiner.  Russian thank gift
Nikita Mazbein and Gunter Steiner. Russian thank gift

It must be remembered that his dad has been key for Haas to continue racing this season. The economic situation of the US national team was very delicate at the end of 2020 Corriere dello SportDmitriy will put 20,000,000 euros annually for his son to be the owner.

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However, hours before the season’s eighth appointment, the interior climate in Haas was different. team leader, Gunther SteinerEye-catching gift: was it a gift or a joke? In fact, Steiner had him explain how to use it, but it seems that Nikita did not bother him but rather uploaded photos on his networks in which he thanked the gift.

This weekend Mazepin was once again a magnet for controversy in a gambit where, in the rear, he obstructed Sergio “Chico” Perez (Red Bull), who came forward to try to fight Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) From the last step on the platform. The Russian already gave the Mexican a headache at the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Peres’s anger at Mazepin

In addition, at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Mazepin angered his teammate, Schumacher, in a reckless maneuver where in the fastest segment of the Baku circuit he moved the car to defend himself from the German, who was able to overpower him when he reached the first corner.

Of the eight races held in 2021, Mazepin finished only ahead of Schumacher in Monaco. However, he does not have the worst performance this season because he is penultimate in the table ahead of the Canadian Nicholas Latifiby Williams. It must be remembered that the historic English team and Haas are the least budgeted at Maxima.

The events will continue this weekend at the same circuit, the Red Bull Circuit with the dispute from the ninth competition with the Austrian Grand Prix.

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