Giammattei talks about “Achievements and Projects” to improve the business climate at GT

President Alejandro Giamatti announced the continuation of the economic projects. Photo: Mineco

Written by Manuel Garcia
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President Alejandro Giamatti stressed that his government gave priority to the need to improve the business climate and competitiveness, and recalled some of what he considered “achievements” and announced the continuation of economic projects, as part of his participation in the presentation of the “Doing Business” report.

According to the president, the first four months of the year culminated in “a very significant economic recovery, the highest in the Central American region. If we achieve economic development and better opportunities for all, then we will also contribute to improving the quality of life of Guatemalans.”

The Prime Minister added that he focused on creating favorable conditions so that every citizen in the country could find the opportunities he was looking for here and would not be forced to migrate to other countries.


President Giamatti said they are fighting with Economy Minister Antonio Maalouf to offer the train to Guatemala “something that will be essential to improving competitiveness,” he said.

The President noted that it is a train from Guatemala to Canada, “This is moving and we are in the final stages to be able to define the measures that we will take until the construction of the train starts this year.”

In addition, the CEO informed that in October or November he would submit to Congress a bill focused on protecting investors, the “Investment Protection Act, that is, those who come to Guatemala to invest will ensure that they are not subject to changes in tax rates nor in financial regulations.”

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Approaches to the private sector of GT

The governor commented that heads of state to the places he recently traveled to, Spain, Andorra and Mexico, asked him: According to Giamatti, all without exception “How did I get out the way I did? And one of the things I answered is, because we’re not fighting with private initiative.”

“I am holding this meeting because it allows us to see the steps and progress we have made, the struggles we had to face, even the enemies within the government itself who are trying to block all initiatives with the sole aim of failing the government,” Rais said.

Finally, President Giamatti noted that Republican Senator from Tennessee, Bill Hagerty, indicated that he was eager to talk to North American companies on the other side of the world, “to think of a country like Guatemala to invest, Guatemala is a good destination.”

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