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Since the internet outage and more after the arrival of the pandemic, the world has witnessed an important change in the work culture towards digital.

To respond to the needs inherent in this career development, Ltd. 24 ore The new Borderless Company service was launched in August, in order to develop an effective response to operators in the digital economy. For only a monthly subscription, they will have the possibility to set up businesses in different countries of Europe and the world, thanks to the management that this company implements in just 24 hours.

Service Without Borders Co., Ltd. 24ore

Unlimited Company It is a service that was created in August 2021, and was developed primarily for digital nomads, that is, people who do their work across the web are constantly traveling. For them, work is not a limit to their movement, but any place and any place can become their office.

Through the service of Unlimited Company, these individuals will be able to It has a specially adapted digital and financial structure For the needs of your flexible, international and paperless lifestyle, In less than 24 hours. To access the service, you only need to sign a monthly subscription that allows you to create and maintain a business in countries such as Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Spain, Portugal or Canada. In addition, the client will get assistance in transferring his personal residence to Portugal, Italy, Spain or Dubai.

Benefits offered by Unlimited Company

After becoming a member of Borderless, a person will have Right to establish companies and tax support Firm by Ltd24ore, as well as in the service of a unique tax advisor, who will accompany you in your efforts no matter what jurisdiction you are in. In the same way, you will receive personal advice to avoid double taxation, and you will have access to a file Exclusive participation in the annual Startup Summit By Borderless on Entrepreneurship, Digital Business, and New Frontiers for Digital Nomads. In addition, you will be included in an exclusive Facebook group with other members of the program. It’s time to take advantage of these benefits specifically, since it’s a service currently reserved for Limited number of clients.

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To apply for membership in a Borderless Company, you must fill out a form available on their website, in the section of the same name. Once each of the corresponding fields is completed, the Ltd24ore team will contact the relevant party within the first 48 hours, in order to assess their eligibility for the programme.

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