German press editors demand 420 million euros from Google

Corint Media, which represents the rights management of about 200 German digital press publications, is demanding 420 million from Google by 2022. It is based on what it pays in Australia (100 million), Canada (400 million) and France, where it was located. Sentenced to pay $500 million. The publishers’ claim is backed by an EU copyright directive and they have already urged Facebook to negotiate as well.

Corint Media’s calculation is based on the remuneration rate set by the arbitration board of the German Patent and Trademark Office, which considered an appropriate royalty rate of up to 11% on Google’s sales volume, which publishers estimate at 9,000 million euros in 2020 for the exploitation of their search engine in the territory .

The rights manager in his accounts is based on what Google has already paid in Australia (100 million) and Canada (400 million) or the judgment to pay 500 million in France

Corint Media also bases its offer “in accordance with payments or claims relating to the use of journalistic content that has become known in other markets, ie in Australia about 100 million euros and in Canada about 400 million euros.”.

The German rights management entity states that the French antitrust authority “recently ordered Google to pay 500 million euros” because “contrary to an official order, the company did not negotiate constructively with press editors over compensation for the additional rights of the French press, which, as in Germany, are based on European Union Copyright Directive”.

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The German administrative entity also asked Facebook to open negotiations in this regard.

The editors estimate that the website of a medium-sized national German newspaper, which generates about 30 million visits per month, “will also generate revenue of about 15 million euros annually after this license is granted.” Revenue could increase further if other licensing agreements are in place.” Corint Media notes that it has “asked Facebook to open negotiations on this matter” and is “already in talks with Microsoft and other users.”

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