Gerard Pique is angered by the journalist who persecuted him who now condemns him for breaking his cell phone

In recent days, the most attention has been paid to the hateful nickname that had to the player’s environment to Barranquilla and the video in which Shakira could have prevented the footballer from entering his home. Well, now, when you know that Pique and his two children, Milan and Sasha, are on vacation in England At the beginning of the third Big smash hits This year, at Wimbledon, scoring his way to Barcelona Airport was at the center of the controversy. All for one attack on Who asked him insistently about Shakira.

According to entertainment journalist Jordi Martin, the departure of Pique and his children to the UK was part of a strong quarrel with him. As evidenced in a video shared by Martin and the Spanish programme social The player had left Barcelona prematurely.

It appears that Pique has passed several red lights to reach the airport. Everything indicates that he did this to escape the eyes of the entertainment reporters who followed his movements.

Pictures of Gerard Pique’s brawl in Barcelona

In fact, at a certain point in directing, Pique meets Martin as he descends some stairs.

At that moment, while the reporter I asked him insistently about breaking up with Shakira, Pique tries to close the door. However, the journalist stopped him at first. In the end, the player puts his hand and, apparently, according to the reporter’s complaint, “breaks” his cell phone. This, regardless of whether their children are present.

“I can understand that these are difficult times, which is why I spoke with Pique with great politeness and respect, and even more so because the children were at the front. This is the big difference between Gerrard and Shakira. The Colombian never loses her temper with the press And sometimes we get heavy with her when she’s the one having a really, really bad time with all of this,” Martin said while sharing the video.

Pictures of Pique’s altercation with a reporter in Barcelona

Rafael Nadal He trained for the eighth day in a row at Wimbledon under the guidance of Pique, who stopped by the All England Club with his children to see the Spaniard. The Barcelona player appeared in the middle of the morning on the field, accompanied by his two children, and watched the Spaniard train and train, and then received him and his team later.

Rafael Nadal in trainingGetty Images – PA Images

Piqúe, in addition to being a Barcelona player, is the owner of Kosmos, a company he has been running since 2019. Davis Cup.

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The Colombian singer and footballer announced their separation, and since then they have been subjected to great harassment from the press who learned of their movements. Recently, Pique was arrested in the company of a blonde woman in a bar, in some of the photos posted, allegedly for revenge. while Shakira, the English press claimed to have picked it up with touches of grief over their separation. Although there was no speculation, both celebrities asked for caution and stayed tight for the sake of their children, which is the most important bond that unites them.

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