General Dynamics shows that the ACSV was developed for Canada

Arranging 360 8×8 vehicles

ACSV protected. picture. GDLS

05/11/2021 | Ottawa

The Canadian subsidiary of the American company General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) Presented the future Armored combat support vehicle (ACSV, To abbreviate the expression in the English language Armored combat support vehicle) With Canadian Army. The event took place last week by default, due to restrictions on covid-19.

Specifically, the GDLS showed in that law, in the presence of the country’s defense minister, Harjit Sagan, The alternative to transporting forces (TCV), And is the first of eight planned for ACSV. Canada awarded GDLS a contract last August to design and produce 360 ​​Armored Combat Support Vehicles for the Canadian Army. “Since then, the team ACSV General Dynamics is working to meet strict design and production deadlines, in the context of the challenges posed by safe manufacturing in a global pandemic, ”according to the statement released by the company in the presentation.

The source highlights that the new armored combat support vehicles are an extension of the family of light armored vehicles (Little) 6.0, Which is already in service with the Canadian Army. Variants of LAV 6.0 ACSV Designed and manufactured in Canada and has a common reference structure with the fleet As low as 6.0 In-service “It reflects the protection and mobility necessary to operate successfully in a high-risk environment.”

a necklace ACSV It provides a total of eight additional variants within the car family As low as 6.0, Which include ambulances, command centers, maintenance and recovery vehicles, vehicles, and troop transport vehicles. Its developers assure that “owning a fleet of Little With a common core configuration, it reduces training and maintenance costs in the long run. “

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