Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford starred in one of E3’s most embarrassing moments

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Gearbox Conference E3 2021 It’s over, and it seems destined to go down in history as one of the worst moments in this version of the event. However, we know it will go down in history at least thanks to having one of the most embarrassing moments we’ve seen in the entire history of E3.

Large sections of Gearbox’s conference at E3 focused on showing Randy Pitchford, the company’s CEO, walking around the set of a movie Borderlands. The defining moment was when the director went to visit Kevin Hart, the actor responsible for giving life to Roland, one of the most important characters in the universe. Borderlands.

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At one point, Randy Pitchford decided to raise his hand to ask Hart to salute. The actor known for his comedies ignored him, raised his hand to the director and became the star of a moment worthy of others’ pity.

Did you miss it? We leave you the moment below:

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