Gary Lineker sacked from the BBC after comparing the British government to Nazi Germany | soccer

The former English top scorer defined the UK’s immigration policy as “immeasurably harsh and directed at the most vulnerable, in language not unlike that used by Germany in the 1930s.”

The BBC’s decision to remove Gary Lineker from Match of the Day, which he has presented since 1999, sparked an outpouring of solidarity from his colleagues, which in turn put this and other UK TV shows at risk.

The historical British series announced, on Friday, that Lineker will temporarily leave the “match of the day” due to his “tweets”, in which he criticized immigration policy in the United Kingdom and considered that The language used is like that used in Nazi Germany.

This contradicts the recommendations made by the British chain, which Journalists are prohibited from expressing their political opinions on social networks And what to them Obliges to maintain neutrality.

We accept far fewer refugees than other major European countries. That’s it An immeasurably cruel policy aimed at the most vulnerable, with language not unlike that used by Germany in the 1930s.. Am I out of place? Is this what Lineker posted on his Twitter.


In the past, Lineker himself has actually gotten into trouble for his political views on Twitter.

However, this time His views on the UK immigration scheme have led the BBC to claim his recent activity breaches the company’s social media guidelines. Adding that “he is not allowed to take sides in partisan issues or political differences.”

Suela BravermanBritain’s Home Secretary called his comments “irresponsible”, which were also censored on Thursday by Culture Secretary Lucy Fraser, who confirmed that The BBC must be impartial To “maintain public confidence” you support.

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Just minutes after Lineker tentatively bid farewell until an agreement could be reached regarding his use of Twitter, The rest of the “Match of the Day” starsthe longest-running (broadcast since 1964) and most popular football program on British television, They have distanced themselves from the project.

Alan Shearer, Ian Wright, Micah Richards, and Jermaine Jenasall former football players and collaborators with the program, announced that they would not be there on Saturday.

In addition, the show’s commentators decided to boycott en masse and Premier League players will not have to give ‘Match of the Day’ interviewsAs confirmed by the English Federation.

Gary Lineker, for his part, has not made a judgment about his temporary dismissal.

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