Gallardo, Gramsci, and the Providence Man

Any River fan will think there will be a before and after from now on. That Marcelo Gallardo is the greatest idol to leave, a providence man. An adjective that has a quasi-religious connotation. Because it is credited to the Savior, the Savior, who can guide – in this case a club, a football community – toward the Promised Land. Especially if it was after a sporting calamity, as was the descent in 2011.

A little less than three years later, the technician took up his position, maintained and promoted the most successful course at the international level that was denied to an institution of such popularity. A cycle that lasted for several consecutive years. It’s been eight plus four months in the titles – fourteen including national titles – and regaining a self-esteem that can’t be measured in any category.

Gallardo was surprised by the meteoric rescue of greatness that came from the start of professionalism. It happened after the worst moment in 121 years of history. but also about the idea of ​​continuity that depends on the contribution of such glories as Bernabé Ferreira, Pedernera and Moreno, MachineDi Stefano, Amadeo Carrizo, Labruna in their meaning, player and coach, Ermendo Onega, Beto Alonso, Fillol, Francescoli and Burrito Ortega, Ponzio and the Libertadores Cup champions in Madrid.

The Game Gallardo, if the notion of providence – so common in monotheistic religions – is permitted and abandoned, It is the product of what the famous surgeon René Favaloro knew very clearly: “There are no men or geniuses, what exists is work.”. And although River fans place him on the same level as the club itself, he is not a being of Providence. You may be mistaken, even he himself admitted a few days ago at one of the events.

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The technician aroused an extraordinary enthusiasm with his ideas, and they turned into a talisman. He felt in his skin what Gramsci had to say about football: “It is the realm of human loyalty that is practiced in the open air.” But he completed his course and for reasons that only he would be able to explain, decided to leave. How I left River drivers and some of the clubs that confirmed their historical dominance. Another Gramscian concept that the famous Italian thinker attributes to the culture of the ruling class.

The most successful coach in River Plate history is much more than a showcase of the nicknames he’s helped make even more attractive. Keep up the effort culture. imposed. He made his driving give the maximum. Even when their teams can win or lose, they’ve clearly given an idea of ​​what they want to represent on court. Always a risk. This is the legacy Gallardo left behind. Like Griguol in Ferro, Bianchi at Boca, or Bielsa at Newell’s. They are coaches who go above and beyond their time. They leave different action, behavior and formulas to reach success.

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