Gabriela Michetti broke the silence and pointed out Rodriguez Larreta: “Things can’t be done this way”

After leaving public service, the former Vice President of the State, Gabriela MichettiAnd He broke the silence and fired a powerful shot at the head of the government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larita, For his decision to hold simultaneous elections with a single electronic ballot. “This is not the way things can be done.” very important.

“What happened this time seemed serious to me because deep down I feel like one of the founders of PRO. And there it seems to me that we have to go out and defend the very essence of our project, because it was and remains very important, ”Michetti begins. I choose to believe the program by Mainland Radio.

“It seems to me that things cannot be done this way, this has already gone from light brown. It seems to me that we are in another tone. Do not consult anyone and make a change in an electoral base during at least an election year, and everyone in politics knows that it has not been done,” Mishti was judged in connection with Rodriguez Larita’s recent ad that led to an internal appearance within Together for Change.

“It’s like going to play football and when you go out on the field they change the rules” Ex VP example. However, regarding the single ticket, Michetti distinguished: “I don’t question the tool at all because I’m a promoter and it seems good to me, but it’s not that way.”

In this sense, the former official took the same arguments that Rodriguez Lareta made when he competed against Mishti in training and asserted that they could not be applied due to lack of time.

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If this tool cannot be applied [en aquella oportunidad] Since now there is little time, moreover, you will make it in common with the nation-state which is not already friendly to the people. It’s a nuisance.” Michetti commented.

In this way, the only thing we’re doing is wasting the utility, which is the worst thing we could do, because single suffrage is a people-friendly thing. It should have been done in a different way and not as a small game serving Rodriguez Larreta in his alliance with Martín Lusto,” Fire Michetti, in conversation with Mainland Radio.

“Let’s give all the discussions and put everything on the table, but later when we leave, let’s take a joint decision,” concluded the former vice president, who admitted, despite her distance from public life, that she speaks daily with former President Mauricio Macri. .

In another section of the interview, Michetti revealed that Macri’s decision not to stand in the upcoming elections was “very right” for him, though he admitted that it also “hurts a little”. Afterwards he said: “I hoped he would be a candidate again because it seems to me that he lacks the ability to show all that he wants to do.”

Finally, Michetti distanced himself from any office or nomination, and stressed that although he had regained “a great deal of peace” after his exodus, and had “his weight on his shoulders”, he misses politics as a tool for change.

In this regard, he concluded, “I miss power as a tool that works to change reality.”


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