G7 leaders pledge to donate 1 billion vaccines against COVID-19

G7 Leaders Promise Donate one billion vaccines against COVID-19. The decision was made on Sunday as an initiative to get the world out of the coronavirus crisis. Vaccines will be donated to the world’s poorest countries.

The G7 meeting was the group’s first face-to-face meeting in two years. In this, the leaders made various promises such as supporting global health, increasing clean energy, improving infrastructure and education.. In this way, it seeks to demonstrate the return of international cooperation after the turmoil caused by the pandemic and the unpredictability of former President Donald Trump.

The summit lasted three days and was held in the southwest of England. It was attended by the leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Leaders have sought to show that it is better to be friends with poor countries than to be friends with despots like China.

“This is not about imposing our values ​​on the rest of the world,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters at the end of the summit. “What we G7 must do is show the benefits of democracy, freedom and human rights to the rest of the world.”

The G7 Leaders Summit was Joe Biden’s first trip

This is Joe Biden’s first trip abroad as a leader. Biden said it was an “exceptional, collaborative and productive meeting.”. Johnson, the summit host, praised the “remarkable degree of harmony”.

But health and environmental advocates disagreed with this optimism.

“This G7 summit will live in a notorious situation,” Max Lawson said.From Oxfam International to help. “Faced with the largest health emergency in a century and a climate catastrophe ravaging our planet, they have utterly failed to meet the challenges of our time,” he added.

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The promise of 1 billion doses for countries that need vaccines is much less than 11 billion The World Health Organization says it needs to vaccinate at least 70% of the world’s population and ending the COVID-19 pandemic.

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