Furadori admitted that the British embassy vault was “really impressive”.

Former Argentine Vice-Chancellor of the macrismo Carlos Foradori This Monday confirmed that The charges against himwho asserted that he was intoxicated when he signed an agreement with the United Kingdom in 2016 to “remove all obstacles to economic growth and development” of the Falkland Islands, They are of “absolute and unprecedented falsehood”.

“What was said about me is completely untrue and unprecedented. This was not an attack on an official but on a certain person who feels A strong and categorical refusal everyone accusations “I’ve been a target of her all these days,” the former McCrista official said in a radio interview.

He added, “In my nearly 40-year career, I have always acted with the utmost sincerity and professional seriousness. I have never, neither on that occasion nor anywhere else, had professional conduct that was not within the scope of Ethics, morals and personal fitness“.

In this context, it was described as an “exceptional insult” to Phrases poured out by Alan DuncanMinister of State for Europe and the Americas at the British Foreign Office between 2016 and 2019, in his country biography book in focuswhere He confirmed that Furadori signed an agreement on Malvinas while intoxicated.

The meeting with Foradori was on September 12, 2016. In the notes in the book, Duncan recounts that on the night he reached a “historic” agreement, he met the UK ambassador to Argentina, Mark Kent: “Under the embassy residence there Wonderful storeAnd Well lit and walls lined with merlots. Very nice setting for a meeting and We met there with Carlos ForadoriDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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As bottle after bottle passed from the cellar wall to the table, negotiations improved.. At about 2 a.m., we shook hands with general agreement, “Duncan described. But not only that. The next day, September 13,” Mark Kent said that Foradori just called to say he was too drunk last night and couldn’t remember all the details.. like a real british Mark reminded her of what she agreed to honestly and without frills. So I think we’re still on the right track.”

He said Forador On Monday, Kent “denied” this fact, and “took it upon himself to back off.” What happened, according to his account, is that on that day he was with his team at an embassy event as “visitors” in the framework of the entertainment of the host country, who invited them to see the winery that “It’s really impressive” Then they later returned to the event “which had absolutely no character whatsoever in conversations on the subject, other than the general” because he noted, Negotiations will not take place there Which included the entire framework of bilateral relations as a whole.

The Agreement concluded under the government of Mauricio Macri Not only did it cover a wide range of issues relating to bilateral relations, it also included a section on the Malvinas Islands: apart from any discussion of sovereignty, it was agreed “Remove all obstacles that limit economic growth and sustainable development” of the islandsIncluding Trade, fishing, navigation and fuel, They never applied.

It was also agreed to establish Additional flights between the Malvinas Islands and other countries, with stops on the Argentine mainland.

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After the scandal caused by the spread of some fragments of the book in focus in the place Declassified in the UKArgentine Foreign Minister, Santiago CafieroCommand Start an internal investigation To determine the correctness of the expressions made by Alan Duncan.

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