Fun and non-violent heist?: The movie based on a legendary bank robber is coming to streaming

A professional criminal, he escapes from an American prison in Michigan and crosses the border into Canada.

A crime adventure inspired by a real-life character comes to Star+ with heavy doses of action and humor. The perfect thieves (Bandits), is a film released in 2022 that commemorates the exploits gilbert Galvan Jr., An American thief managed to rob 59 banks in several Canadian cities in the late 1980s, before he was inevitably caught.

The screenplay is adapted from a successful true crime novel Flying thieves According to its official synopsis, “Galvan’s escape continues (Josh Duhamel) From a US prison, he later assumed the identity of Robert Whitman in Canada. While closely pursued by the police, this thief creates a new double life, falls in love, gets married, and if that’s not enough, turns to gangster Tommy (Mel Gibson) to finance their most ambitious criminal projects.

"The perfect thieves" Highlights Gilbert Galvan Jr.'s initial heists, featuring fun and improving his criminal skills through trial and error.  (Credits: Star+)
“The Perfect Bandit” highlights Gilbert Galvan Jr.’s early heists, featuring him having fun and improving his criminal skills through trial and error. (Credits: Star+)

As his notoriety grows rapidly, he finds himself in the crosshairs of Detective John Snides (Nestor Carbonell), determined to arrest him. Both would become embroiled in a manhunt so complex that it earned Galván the nickname “The Flying Bandit” for his ability to escape on flights to other cities, accumulating up to 160,000 frequent flyer miles. The pseudonym was coined by journalist Ed Arnold, who broke the story and co-authored the original crime novel, published in 1996, with Robert Knuckle.

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The film stands out for its focus on the duality of the evil actor, who is polite and friendly to the point of being funny. It is known that their robberies are carried out non-violently and to entertain their victims. The performance is justified because at the time, the real Robert Whitman was repeatedly described as a “great man.”

Josh Duhamel, known for his role in... "transformers"plays the main character, Gilbert Galvan Jr.
Josh Duhamel, known for his role in the film “Transformers”, plays the main character, Gilbert Galvan Jr.

“I was very curious to analyze his brain and find out what had happened emotionally since the first time he committed a crime, and what made him want to continue doing it. I think it was as much about adrenaline as it was about money. Why did you do that in the first place? Why couldn’t you stop? “In a way, it’s almost like an addiction,” Duhamel said. Moviephone.

The trailer for the feature film, directed by Alan Ungar, shows car chases, explosions, facial prosthetics, costumes, bills everywhere, and even a love affair. The all-star cast also includes Elisha Cuthbert, Swain Temel, Olivia Dabo And Dylan Flashner.

Nestor Carbonell (Batman: The Dark Knight)."He plays John Snides, the detective tracking down Galvan.  (Credits: Star+)
Nestor Carbonell (Batman: The Dark Knight) plays John Snides, the detective tracking Galvan.

Its duration is two hours and six minutes The perfect thieves Available in the catalogue star+.

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