From the movie: She found out that her boyfriend played two pointers and went on a trip with “The Other” | Chronicle

Kristen Bishop He is a 33-year-old engineer from Texas who has been dating a guy for eight months thanks to a dating app. Sophie Miller , Technical Sales Manager, 26 years old and She was dating the same guy at the same time. It was his suspicious attitudes that led them to discover deception and plot revenge.

Christine was business trip Her boyfriend started to arouse suspicion. Investigate and find out that he was cheating on another woman . Far from drowning in grief, he took”bull of the hornsI sent a voice message to Sophie to let her know.

Travel with “V” for revenge

The girls devised a precise plan to unmask him what they call ” Dramatic inspiration “. It’s just that Bishop and her boyfriend were planning a romantic trip to Turkey And they didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Sophie took another flight and met them at the airport.

Kristen with her “boyfriend,” shortly before it was revealed.

It was just there When they confronted him and exposed his betrayal. His reaction was astonishment. He had never been speechless before, until that moment Christine confirmed Kennedy News and Media.

Both are not only They cut off their relationship With the 34-year-old in the middle of the airport in Turkey, but also They told him that all the reservations he had made in his name had changed for Miller.

New friends decided to make the most of their stay at Turkey.

Thus, the women ended up taking a river cruise, a Turkish bath, visiting a cave, and enjoying for more than a week the best places in Cappadocia and Istanbul..

Young women enjoyed their stay in Cappadocia and Istanbul.

We really bonded during our eight day trip. We sat down to chat, laugh and enjoy the ride and every destination. It was better to find a new friend in herSophie said.

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