From the hand of “Wado” de Pedro, the diplomatic wing of the Kishreya presents the test of reliability before the United States

Minister Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro with the governors of Norte Grande on a tour of the United States.

(special envoy) He is a Kambura advisor. A person who, in a political group with an ideological orientation, has always had permission to be able to pollute himself by crossing borders and speaking the language of others. From opponents, businessmen, lobbyists, and even ideological “enemies”. This last category may include the hyperactive agenda Eduardo “Wado” Depedro Developed in the past four days in Washington, it will reach its peak today in New York.

The minister who planned the trip to the United States with The great rulers of the North In April, after returning from his tour of Israel, he was received in the north of the country by all who were to be received. Politicians, businessmen, the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, representatives of the Latin American State Department and even advisers to President Joe Biden. He even entered the White House twice, the heart of American political power.

There were formal meetings on his agenda as well as the most political and relaxed. Jorge Argello Not only did he put the Argentine embassy at his disposal, but he had no qualms about showering him with praise in every presentation: “A young man must be well looked upon because he has a great future and it is very possible that he could become president” (sic).

Rulers of the Great North in the United States.
Rulers of the Great North in the United States.

If one considers that the ambassador is a personal friend of Alberto Fernandez, the anecdote may indicate either that time limits any conflict (De Pedro did not recover the relationship with the President he had before he spearheaded Kirchners resignations to the Cabinet, after the defeat at PASO for 2021) or that the distance means that Argüello is not polluted, fortified, or resists the misgivings between different sectors of government.

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But “Wado” in the strict sense of the word had a more important godfather in these lands. US Ambassador Mark Stanley. A man who, since arriving in Buenos Aires in January of this year, has shown an impressive political display, he has been particularly keen to let his countrymen know the friendlier side of Kirchnerism.

Stanley was even surprised to ask the “most important” questions at the meetings so that the minister could eliminate ghosts: “Tell me, Wado, how did you see the outcome of Sergio Massa’s journey here?” , the ambassador sent in one of the meetings.

Which is that the arrival of “Wado” was closed before construction American Politics and Business, the month when Argentina had a semi-permanent presence in these territories. The Minister of Economy started the month, followed by the President and now Di Pedro is over. What did not happen in Buenos Aires, where it has not yet been possible to form a standardizing political table in the ruling party, ended up in the United States. Massism, Albertism and now Kirchnerism came to try to give signs of certainty and unity towards a common destiny.

The Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro, had a working meeting with Alejandro Mallorcas, Head of Internal Security.
The Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro, had a working meeting with Alejandro Mallorcas, Head of Internal Security.

The song “Wado”, which for North Americans is the closest to Christina Kirchner that they can listen to in their own lands, passed the auditions with honors. A minister has the innate ability to be loved by everyone who knows him. But, in addition, he managed to bring to Washington a delegation worthy of a statesman. De Pedro made Rusty CFI (Federal Investment Board) his most competitive platform and his future campaign base. Perhaps the most notable success is the Confederación del Norte Grande: a region that has decided to set aside political differences and move forward with long-term state projects and decisions. So far, eight governors and one lieutenant-governor have actually come to get funds for the historical compensation that this neglected region of the country deserves due to the historically existing inequalities.

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Waddu succeeded in bringing government supporters and opponents, independents and rebels together at one table. And it wasn’t just in the North. He went to every county in the country asking each governor and his ministers to make a list of infrastructure needs. Later he returned to the same places and met the chambers of business. The method was the same. He repeated in each of the 22 provinces in the interior of the country, “Tell me what you need to be more productive, to sell more and to export more.” Once in Buenos Aires, he analyzed the feasibility of projects with the ministers of the different national regions. Then he went back to each location and refined the list of businesses with the local government. For political reasons, the capital and suburbs were excluded. But with all this information Wadow developed a map of strategic needs and development of each region of the country that he keeps locked and keyed on his personal computer.

It has been almost three years of work, and has invested thousands of kilometers and hundreds of hours. It is clear that de Pedro’s ambition is not small. Few of his generation should have, at this point, a comprehensive and “in situ” idea of ​​what the country needs in its complex regional and political framework.

Today, in New York, the minister will be a baptism of fire in tradition America Council It will continue on the conservative agenda.

The dynamics of these days have not prevented him from moving away from his role as a political unifier in Buenos Aires. Chats with Massa and Telegrams with Cristina were the order of the day.

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Communicate with the president? good thanks.

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