From smart TV to game console

Portaltic.- IoT Entertainment Devices Dangers: From Smart TV to Game Console

Madrid, May 1. 2021 (Portaltic / EP) –

IoT devices have been introduced in recent years in the homes of the Spaniards, making them smarter, and this trend will not stop with the arrival of the 5G network. The arrival of smart TV was followed by the introduction of the next generation of smart speakers or game consoles, which demonstrate the potential of the Internet of Things at the entertainment level.

Thanks to the power of the Internet of Things, entertainment is now not only personalized but also more accessible than ever. Advanced sensors help devices listen, discover and capture commands and other factors, so that multimedia content can be more interactive and interactive even within the confines of the living room. A progress that is becoming more and more important at a time when most people are spending more time at home than ever before.

However, as comfortable as these IoT entertainment devices are, users should not be distracted from the risks they may bring into their homes. A “hacked” device, for example, could allow cybercriminals to steal sensitive information, infect other devices on the network, or use sensors to monitor activities within the home. Therefore, users must secure their IoT environments, in order to fully enjoy the benefits of these devices, according to Trend Micro experts.

The most common problems

Devices can collect data that users are not fully aware of. A smart TV, for example, can collect information about its users’ preferences and their activity. Combined with information from other devices, this can provide a complete view of the user’s life, which malicious agents can use for unlawful purposes.

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On the other hand, vulnerabilities still exist in insecure devices, especially those that contain outdated “software”. Criminals can use these flaws to “hack” devices. For example, a smart speaker vulnerability could allow to spy on a user or give commands to other devices.

Connecting to the “cloud” amplifies the threats, according to Trend Micro experts. Many devices can be managed remotely via vendor-owned cloud networks, and in the event that administrative access is compromised, intruders can remotely control the devices that can be accessed remotely and carry out malicious activities.

“Adding more devices to improve home entertainment increases the chances of security breaches. One insecure device – even as small as a smartwatch – can allow malicious actors to compromise your entire home network.”

Advice from the experts

To deal with this new reality, experts urge you to change your device’s settings and privacy to make it as safe as possible, and also to disable unnecessary features, especially those that require data collection. It is important in this case to know what data is being collected and how it is used.

Likewise, Trend Micro recommends that you regularly check for available “software” updates and install them right away. In this sense, if possible, it is worth removing old and unsupported devices from the network. They add: “Use security tools that can periodically scan your devices for vulnerabilities.”

Moreover, they insist on the importance of using strong, unique passwords, preferably with the help of a password manager, and enabling remote access only if needed. In the same way, they urge to enable multi-factor authentication if available to make unauthorized access difficult; Carefully review devices that have been added to the network; Finally, use professional security tools that help protect your network and its connected devices.

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