From science fiction to everyday life


Artificial Intelligence Lab, University of Granada.a. Heredia

Artificial intelligence is no longer a science fiction but an everyday reality. Like all technological revolutions, That mechanical minds are advancing relentlessly But not without resistance, because of the unknown dimension it opens up about a future in which machines can replace us. Today they are, for example, able to summarize texts, imitate literary styles, or speak languages. Humans fear uncertainty. But the same thing happened with the invention

They have changed our experience so much that we no longer remember how to live without them.

: mobile phones that today have become an extension of our hands, the global positioning system (GPS) that guides us without a map, social networks that have abolished the concept of physical distance, medical devices that subside within us…

AI opens up deeper possibilities for economic and scientific advancement, though it must also give way to ethical debate that prevents potentially harmful uses. For this it is necessary

Social literacy about its management and legislation that limits its negative impact

. The key is to combine freedom of research and exploration of new technologies with vigilance in their application in a society guided by humanistic principles of which AI is an effective and creative complement.

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