From La Serena to the UK! The student will participate in a large international camp

More than 50 organizations around the world will be a part of it.

With all the enthusiasm and desire to be a great contribution, the trip to London Úrsula Pawkara Ávalos Donoso (15) first grade C from Liceo Gregorio Cordovez de La Serena Who leaves with a bag full of hope for the international camp Common ground in the UKThis activity will continue until August 11th.

This is organized by Woodcraft Folk, International Falconry Movement and more 50 organizations around the worldincluding Manque Chile, the entity to which Úrsula has belonged for 4 years.

Monkey Chile is a non-profit educational foundation – a movement that empowers children and young people to play a role in the society in which they live and guide them in the fight for their rights and fulfillment of their duties, especially in challenging sectors and communities. Vulnerabilities, education based on values Equality, democracy, peace, cooperation and friendship.

your life story

Ursula is a boarding student at Women’s House in La SerenaBecause he came to live since he was 5 years old FIG treebut this year he wanted to attend high school, in search of better study opportunities and because “I wanted to change the environment“, He says.

Being from Arica, she and her mother, Dana Donoso, decided overnight to come from the northern gate of the country to La Higuera where they had relatives, a grandmother who lived in El Tovo. She says that she likes quiet places, and that the change from city to city was rather complicated, but she is ready to face transformations.

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She loves to help her community and its social actions, so joining Manque Chile has allowed her to be active on issues such as education, culture and the environment. He has participated in other camps nationwide, but his trip to London motivates him to meet and get new experiences,

I like to meet and share with different people. I am very excited about this trip because I know I will meet new people and places.‘, he comments.

She is sure that she will be able to contribute to this international camp where they will participate with young people from 30 countries in the activity called Callers for PeaceA meeting of dialogues and conferences to discuss the current conflicts dividing and separating the world and how young people can contribute to their resolution.

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