From help to shadowy business: Chavez’s nurse steps to his arrest

The story that began in the inner courtyard of the Miraflores Palace now continues in the United States, where the former treasurer and nurse From the late former president Hugo ChavezClaudia Diaz Gillin, accused of three criminal charges.

He was part of the former president’s inner circle, to the point where he was even part of his entourage. Later, this trust bypassed until she was appointed Treasurer of the Nation and Secretary of the Millionaire’s Fund.

However, with the publication Panama Papers (One of the most important cross-border investigations in the world) With the Venezuelan government’s intention to investigate, the nurse and her partner fell into the hands of justice.

Last Friday, May 13, a federal court in West Palm Beach denied her bail due to “flying hazards,” just 24 hours after Spanish authorities handed her over to the United States. She is being held in prison FloridaThe United States, recently deported from Spain, is accused of taking bribes from billionaires thanks to its charges.

His rise and fall took several years. After that, the status keys of the hand

the beginning

After earning her bachelor’s degree in nursing and an officer’s degree from the Higher School of Military Defense and National Guard bylaws, Guillen pursued a career in several health centers Such as the military hospital and clinic Leopoldo Aguirrevir.

In June 2022, he worked in the Citizen Service Office in the Arab Republic of Egypt Miraflores Palace As assistant director of the Office of Internal Administration, at that time he was in charge of the current governor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez. In December of that year he met Hugo Chavez, in the inner courtyard of the palace.

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In 2003, Melendez moved to the National Treasury and Guillen continued as his assistant. At the time, Chavez called Melendez and told him he wanted the nurse to work for both of them at the same time. One day they summoned her to the Miraflores Palace and told her that she had to meet some guards as the chief’s nurse.

This is how he entered the entourage of the then president.

New Jobs

She last traveled with Chávez in April 2010. Between 2011 and 2013 she held the position of Director of the Office of the National Treasury and Secretary of the National Development Fund (NDF).fondue).

In April 2016, her husband’s name, Captain Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa, appeared in the Panama Papers, a collection of stories stemming from the leak of internal correspondence and emails between Mossack Fonseca Law Firm and your clients.

Guillen and her husband opened a business in the Seychelles. At the time, the authorities suspected that it would be in order to manage the money they had collected while they were part of Public Administration.

President Nicolás Maduro asked then-Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz to investigate all the persons named in the investigation. However, a month later, the investigation against the spouses only began.

Actual situation

It was learned that the US Southern District Attorney’s Office is pursuing her for three crimes: one for “conspiracy to compete.” Money launderingAnd two about “money laundering” using banks in Miami, Florida.

Guillén and Velásquez shared a method for corruption through exchange system Venezuela with at least $1,000 million. The couple were already residing in Madrid, Spain, at the time of the criminal indictment.

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According to the United States, Diaz Guillen and Velasquez received “millions of dollars in bribes” to Chavez’s nurse to secure the rights to international foreign exchange transactions at “appropriate rates.”

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