From Granada Clinical Hospital to Canada after being accepted into the Intensive Care Medicine Program at the University of Toronto

Specialist in intensive care medicine Trained at San Cecilio Clinical Hospital from granada Julia Tijero Arangoren will Complete your major in Toronto (Canada) after being accepted into the University Health Network and the Mount Sinai Hospital Fellowship Program.

Through this residence, Julia Tejero Arangoren He will conduct a super specialization in Intensive Medicinethe area that University of Toronto He has extensive clinical and research experience. Specifically, this prestigious international program is promoted by the Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine (IDCCM) and allows you to work in three hospitals: Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital.

Throughout their stay, participants will be trained in advanced technologies Cardiovascular and respiratory support, transplant patients and immunosuppressed patients recovering from post-ICU sequelae. This latter area is of particular interest to Tejero Aranguren since during his stay at the San Cecilio Clinic he launched a post-ICU consultation and is currently writing his PhD thesis on the subject.

On a call this year 120 nominations were submitted from all over the world Only seven professionals were selected from them, including Julia Tijero.

“Participate in this program It’s a dream come true who helped me train me in the Critical Care Medicine service at the San Cecilio Clinic where I, along with its specialists, went through an important learning period which I have just completed successfully”, says Tijero. For his part, Manuel Colmenero, Head of Intensive Care Medicine at the San Cecilio Clinic sheds light on Manuel Colmenero, highlights the “professionalism and rigor of Julia Tijero in both clinical practice and research activity”.

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in that I recently completed an internship as a resident medical intern San Cecilio, Julia Tijero-Arangoren has contributed five scientific articles, made numerous international contacts and participated in major national forums of critical care medicine.

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