From 0 to 100% in less than 10 minutes

One of the great perks that advanced ranges offer to mobile phones is the ability to access fast charging. Within the framework of MWC 2023, Xiaomi and Realme presented equipment that breaks all set speed records.

To overcome continuous consumption, manufacturers constantly invest money in their R&D teams to achieve fast charges faster and fasterTherefore, they use different systems.

It was just that, in recent years, fast charging speeds have been escalating in strength. Less than two years ago, Xiaomi announced its fast charging technology 200 wattspromising a 100% charge in about 8 minutes and the bar continues to rise.

this is what happened battery division in half, allowing it to run each sector separately, effectively doubling the current flow passing through the charger.

The Xiaomi prototype achieves an unprecedented charging time: 5 minutes.

It was precisely Xiaomi that had just introduced ultra-fast charging for 300 watts. This system is able to fully provide a smart phone for your brand in 5 minutes.

For testing, I used a modified Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition with a 4100mAh battery, as well as improved cellular materials and charging structure.

Complementarily, the Chinese company has also confirmed that it has used more than “50 safety protections” in its Double GaN adapter to achieve this amazingly fast charging.

Many experts suspect that this method greatly affects the battery durability of these phones, which are usually enhanced with better temperature management systems for this type of load.

When the temperature of the batteries rises above what is recommended, suffer from wear and tear higher than normal, because heat directly affects its performance.

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This is why it is recommended to take advantage of fast charging when it is absolutely necessary, for example, when you need to restore the phone’s autonomy as soon as possible during a short downtime.

Fast shipping: the race between brands

Realme GT3 includes a new charging technology.

Realme introduced its new high-end model, the GT3, which uses a more efficient fast charging system. The 240-watt charger increases battery capacity from 0 to 100% in less than ten minutes. does exactly in 9 and a half minutes.

In this way, Realme GT3 only needs 10 seconds to get 3% charge and 80 seconds to reach 20% battery capacity, so 4600 mAh. And to achieve this, it is not enough to apply brute force to a powerful charger.

The GT3 incorporates three maximum power charging segments that ensure efficient transmission of electrical energy during 98.5% of the charging process. In addition, a special cable and GaN charger are used for this purpose, which are made of gallium nitride, a material that provides very little resistance to the passage of electric current and prevents heating.

To ensure safety, Realme GT2 has a liquid cooling system that covers 61.5% of the battery and allows for good heat dissipation. The mobile phone has a fire-resistant design and is equipped with 13 sensors temperature and 60 degree safety protection. It has TÜV Rheinland Safe Charging System certification.


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