Frisbee is growing in Spain and seeking to add more chips to be recognized as a union

The Frisbee was launched for recognition. The Spanish Flying Disc Federation (Fedv), which has more than 1,300 practitioners in the territory, Re-launched a project to achieve recognition As a federation by the Supreme Council for Sport (CSD) and the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE).

Founded twenty years ago in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it has a direct precedent in the Spanish Frisbee Association, founded in Bilbao in 1979. The Federation consists of three committees that organize its activities jointly with the General AssemblyThe Sports Committee, the Sports Technical Committee and the Regular Committee.

Currently, Within the Federation there are two sports methods of playing Frisbee: climax (similar to American football, but with frisbee) and disc golf (which consists of throwing the disc and recording it inside a metal cage). method climax It has just over 1,100 licenses in Spain, while over 200 players practice disc golf. According to Fedv sources, the data is higher than the pre-pandemic figures, which at the time did not reach a thousand practitioners.

The federation has once again promoted a project through which it intends to have CSD and COE accept the sport as a federation. According to the agency, for this to happen, FedV must first meet certain entry requirements (practitioners, clubs and associations), which it hopes will be able to meet soon and be eligible for subsidies to expand the sport. “At the moment we are meeting the requirements, but the project has to be well presented,” Fedv President Nicholas Chuvu told Palco23.

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“Unfortunately, our sport is a minority sport, because those of us responsible for moving and strengthening the Federation are all volunteers,” the CEO laments. The only income for the organization is the federal fees paid by players and clubs, as well as a small sponsorship on the jerseys of national teams.. The federation has a budget of 40 thousand euros, which is used to pay for travel costs to international competitions for its members.

at the international level, Frisbee has been recognized since 2015 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)this means that a file disc golf To be one of the sports included in the World Games, the sports competition whose sports are outside the Olympic programme, which was held in Birmingham in early July.

In Europe, the countries with the largest number of federations are Germany, France and the United Kingdom, which has approximately 6000 licenses each. Most of the unions are young people, especially school and high school students, so the diversity of licenses is higher. “We want the new federation in Spain to be young people, not just adults,” Qufu says. In this sense, Fedv is maintaining talks with institutes and schools to add a file climax and the disc golf into the repertoire of the sport, and thus the ability to transmit the love for the sport as quickly as possible and to the youngest who are challenging during their stage of development.

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One of the main complications of the federation is the stadiumssince usually encounters climax They are played on grass surfaces on a very large scale, “and it is hard to find someone who would want to rent such a space to people who play minority sports,” the chief highlights. For this reason, Fedv also organizes part of its events on the beach, since it is a more comfortable and accessible terrain. Something similar happens with disc golfIn Spain, there are hardly five areas to practice this specialty.

Origin Frisbee It dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when groups of young people from Bridgeport (USA) were enjoying throwing cake tins at each other, made by Frisbee Bay. It wasn’t until thirty years later, in 1946, that American Walter Frederick Morrison patented the first flying disc called Pluto Platter, which did not become very successful because it was made of Bakelite and broke after each fall. Four years later, in 1950, the Wham-O Toy Company bought the patent from Morrison and began building it out of plastic, making it more fall-resistant and fueling its popularity.

only in mode climaxSeven million people around the world practice this profession It is under the umbrella of the International Flying Disk Federation (Wfdf), which represents 59 associations from 56 countries.

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