Friendly and firm dialogue, Cervantes’ agenda at the helm of CCE

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The The new president of the Council for Coordination of Business (CCE), Francisco Cervantes Diaz, He emphasized that the private initiative will jointly define its work agenda, so that its permanent basis will be “friendly and steady dialogue, and it grows with the future.”

At a press conference, Cervantes proposed to have a Work will begin at the head of the Continuing Education Committee with the tasks distributed Among the 14 organizations that comprise it, in order to coordinate action agendas in 14 regions of the country.

Unity with autonomy, it will be the philosophy that guides the work of CCE systematically. Likewise, we will define our agenda together, so that we have two main pillars as a lasting foundation: friendly and consistent dialogue, and growth in tandem with the future, said the former Concamin president.

In this sense, Cervantes Diaz referred to it Its management will be directed through six priority pointss to attend and achieve, led by economic revitalization, the promotion of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

he is too Benefiting from the Mexico-US-Canada Trade Agreement (T-MEC), Infrastructure Expansion, Social Inclusion and Trust Generation.

“Of course, in the council, we will also be very attentive at all times, with reflection and suggestions, to the most important issues on the national and global agenda, such as electricity reform in the context of an open parliament, as well as other sensitive issues that exist in the current situation,” the businessman said.

According to Saleem

Francisco Cervantes synchronized with the engineer Carlos Slim Representatives of business leaders should seek unity and put aside conflict and division with government.

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In this sense, the new head of the CCE commented that the private initiative is united, and although there are those with different opinions, They are convinced of the path of dialogue.

Finally, Carlos Salazar Lomelli, the outgoing Chair of the Continuing Education Committee, emphasized that Business organizations have sought to keep a place at the dialogue table.

“Always tried to cooperate, always striving to suggest formulas which, in our opinion, would produce better results. Sometimes our voice was heard and sometimes we were not heard, but we were never silenced. We have always said in a respectful and appropriate manner and that is the reason for the President’s conclusion that it was not all right. “.


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