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FreshBooks, an online accounting software company, will today announce the raising of an investment round that will allow it to raise $80.75 million in funding and an additional $50 million in debt, bringing the company’s overall valuation to more than $1 billion, which will rise to the unicorn category.

The Canadian company, headed by Don Epperson, announced that this latest round of capital was led by investor Accomplice, as well as JP Morgan, Gaingels, BMO, Manulife and Barclays.

With clients in more than 160 countries, FreshBooks in 2020 acquired Mexican company Facturama, thus expanding its presence throughout the national territory and now plans to use this capital to enhance the areas of sales, marketing, research and development, as well as to seek strategic acquisitions to expand into strategic markets. other.

“For Freshbooks, the digitization of Mexico’s tax and regulatory systems has become an opportunity, since it is a platform that works and responds instantly, it covers the needs of sectors with low levels of interest such as SMEs, which have grown more prominently throughout Latin America as other countries follow the path of Compliance for Mexico, including “coding” invoices, central payroll recording, and monthly tax compliance.Epperson said providing Mexican customers with software with this capability is critical to FreshBooks.

Caliphate in Konkanaku

Where you live the times of election campaigns and internal elections in Konkanaku-Serviter. Currently, three candidates are vying to succeed Jose Manuel Lopez Campos as president of the organization, which includes more than 700,000 merchants and suppliers in the country.

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They tell us that the highly advanced candidate is Hector Tejada Chaar, who has traveled more than two-thirds of the country to meet with the presidents and members of 27 state councils. The former treasurer of Konkanaco and the former president of Kanako Leon, maintained a business tour to listen to the needs and demands of merchants and entrepreneurs, who allege the lack of support for entrepreneurship and the absence of technological update.

It is an ongoing demand that Tejada Shaar receives that merchants do not want to shut down their business again due to the third wave of COVID, which he proposes in response to enable the “Safe Trade” program, where hygiene and safety of customers and employees are the priority. We’ll see to what extent their proposals permeate the business.

Fibra Plus and its integration with Fibra HD

Fibra Plus, chaired by Gustavo Tomé Velázquez, has acquired 50% of the Fibra HD Foundation, through which both organizations are applying to combine their strengths, capabilities and experience in order to enhance their value to investors.

Through this process, Fibra Plus becomes the owner of corporate and economic rights to 50 percent of the Trusters’ Trust, which includes, among other things, the right to appoint the Chairman of the HD Technical Committee and a certain number of members of the Fibra HD Technical Committee.

They tell us that if the full integration of both companies is approved, the combined portfolio will consist of at least 58 properties. Fibra HD currently owns 41 properties with shareholder equity of 3,172.2 million pesos; Meanwhile, Fibra Plus, together with 16 projects, has shareholder equity of 6 thousand 6.5 million pesos.

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