Free workshops on how to start a business and get capital

North Carolina, Raleigh – Are you an entrepreneur and want to start a business, but don’t know how to do it? Do you have a small business and you need capital to expand it, but you don’t know how and where to get it?

You can get answers to these and many other questions if you sign up for our free face-to-face workshops Latino Entrepreneurship Program From the “Carolina Small Business Development Fund,” which will be held in Raleigh on Friday, March 3 and Thursday, March 9.

This Latino program provides loan services, technical assistance, and business management tools to Latino business owners and entrepreneurs throughout North Carolina, especially those who are socially or economically disadvantaged or underserved.

In the workshop entitled: “How to obtain financial resources for your business”, attendees will be able to obtain information about the country and local resources that exist to start a business or obtain capital.

“A lot of people who already have a business don’t know where to go to get capital to buy new equipment or machines, do renovations, or want to expand,” Carlos Liriano, director of the Latin Program, told this outlet.

The organization also dictates its workshop: “Five Essential Steps to Starting a Business,” which it recently held in Asheville and Hendersonville in the western part of the state.

“In this workshop, we will also talk about this topic, knowing the steps to register a business, and how to create a business plan, so that you are ready to apply for this capital. We take it into our own hands,” explained Liriano, who in turn teaches the workshops.

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Find out what economic resources are there

According to Liriano, there are several resources that people don’t know about, including a City of Raleigh program called Oak City Biz Labs that is run by the Carolina Small Business Development Fund.

This program is giving away free money to businesses that have been through the covid-19 pandemic, and many Latinos don’t know about it. Liriano noted in the workshop we will talk about this and other capital resources.

Workshops in partnership with grassroots entities and organizations

These workshops, aimed at the Latino community in North Carolina, are performed by the Carolina Small Business in Alliance with other organizations and entities that help organize and promote the events.

The workshop will be held on Friday, March 3 in partnership with an organization based in Raleigh, Venezuela Para Te.

“We are a grassroots entity, and the goal of having this workshop is for the community to learn about the different resources, and to have valuable information on this state of the finances of our Latino community,” said Patricia Parada, director of the organization.

Workshop information

Friday, March 3

Workshop: How to get financial resources for your business

hour: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

where: 3128 Highwoods Blvd., Suite 170, Raleigh, NC 27604

Organizing organization: Venezuela for you

to sign up: [email protected] [email protected]

Phone: 919-449-1393

Thursday, March 9th

Workshop: How to access capital for your small business

hour: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

where: 601 E. Six Forks Street, Raleigh, NC 27609

Organizing entity: Fifth third bank

to sign up: [email protected] or [email protected]

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You can get more information about the Latino Business Program, on the Carolinas Small Business website by clicking here

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