Free up space on your Android phone with these simple tricks and improve its performance

Today it is common for us smart phones Running out of space. With the use of heavy applications and large amounts of files such as photos, videos, and documents being sent by The WhatsAppdevices fill up quickly, making it Slow and ineffective.

If you’re not ready to buy a new phone and your device doesn’t have a microSD slot for additional storage, mobile phones android They have many options to free up space and improve their performance.

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With the pre-installed tools on your Android device, and a few tricks, you’ll be able to Reclaim precious space and enjoy your smartphone again as if it were new.

If your cell phone is slow because it’s running out of space, don’t throw it away: there are tricks to get its performance back. (image: Adobe Stock)for: andranik123 –

Use Android free space tool

Android has a built-in tool to help you increase the amount of usable storage on your phone. To find and use it, you simply have to follow these steps:

1. In your phone settings and select storage. You will see information about the amount of space used and a list of file categories.

2. push the button Empty space.

3. The window will open records From google with the job sweep up. By clicking on it, you will find suggestions to free up space by getting rid of junk files, deleted screenshots, large photos, Backups Multimedia and unused applications.

How to free up storage space on your cell phone.  (TN Techno Capture)
How to free up storage space on your cell phone. (TN Techno Capture)

Department of storage Android also has other tools that let you see how much space each of your apps is taking up, how much available space your user data is using, and how much cache it’s taking up, with related options. Delete extra files.

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before pressing Clear storageCheck your user data. You don’t want to accidentally delete any important media or documents.

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Finally, there is a file hidden button for a called function Smart storage, which allows the phone to automatically delete saved photos after 60 days. This feature will also automatically delete photo and video backups if the device storage space is less than 25%.

to activate this tool Go to the Google Files app And touch the three parallel lines in the upper left corner. Then select settings And look for the option Smart storage.

Take a look at your apps to remove the ones you don’t use

Lay off Applications It’s very tempting and easy. But it happens so many times that, after trying the app and using it a few times, we forget about it and it stays that way Not active on cell phone, taking up space.

If you’re curious about how long it’s been since you’ve used certain apps, there’s a way to find out:

1. Login Play Store.

2. Click on your character icon in the upper right corner and select Application and device management.

3. Select tab Manages. In the bottom line, the Pinned button must be selected; If not, tap on it.

four. to the right of the head Applications, you will see the rating icon. Click on it and select less used.

How to free up storage space on your cell phone.  (TN Techno Capture)
How to free up storage space on your cell phone. (TN Techno Capture)

A new window will open where you can see the apps you’ve only used occasionally (if you’ve used them at all) at the top of the list. You don’t necessarily want to get rid of them, sometimes it’s a good idea to have an app just in case, however You will definitely find one that you no longer need.

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Delete cell phone photos: save them to the “cloud”

the Pictures and videos are some of the items More space they take up on your phone. Fortunately, if you have an Android phone, chances are you’ve already uploaded your photos to it Google Images Thus, you can delete them from your phone because they are already stored in the “cloud”.

To check it out, I opened the app Pictures From your Android device, touch your personal icon in the upper right corner. If you are backing up your photos, you should see an entry A full backup in the dropdown list.

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If you are not backing up your photos, select ► Photo Settings Backup and Sync And be sure of that Enabled. Don’t forget to check the account it’s listed on reserve account. If you have more than one account, you can switch to the one you want to use.

Backups in Google Images They have several options. For example, you can Choose the quality of the photos you want to upload Also, it doesn’t do this when you’re on data instead of Wi-Fi.

When you are sure that the photos are in the cloud, you can delete them from your phone and Empty space.

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