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He thought he managed to hide in a “secluded and comfortable place,” but he was wrong. Finally, the The Uruguayan repression, Eduardo Augusto Ferro, World Health Organization He managed to evade his country’s justiceFirst, And the Then International, It was I stopped at Spain. In a frame Condor plan, Which was its application One of the officials in the eastern region, this is Accused From Kidnapping and disappearance of union leaders and political activists.

Fero was On the run since mid-2017. This was announced by Uruguayan justice in the middle of that year, when the suppressor had to go to the office of Judge Dolores Sanchez, in charge of Criminal Court No. 10 in Montevideo and did not do so. This was the second time Sanchez had called him to inquire about the kidnapping and disappearance of communist fighter Oscar Tassino, which happened in 1977, and on that occasion he also did not come. After the second mistake, the judge ordered his international arrest. He had an order not to leave the country.

Double leak

Vero he is A retired colonel. Military sources confirmed to local media that the repression had fled abroad. He was arrested in Madrid in September of that year and spent time in prison. Through Uruguay’s justice, he was charged with enforced disappearance, murder, genocide, torture and gross deprivation of liberty during the period of dictatorial rule in that country.

However, he soon received his parole. By the time the handover order formally arrived, in June 2018, Viru had fled again. In an interview with the Uruguayan media, La Diaria, the plaintiff in the case investigating Tassino’s disappearance, Martin Fernandez, described the extradition as “an unprecedented situation in the history of international criminal cooperation,” the conditional release granted to Vero during the extradition process that allowed him to escape From Spanish justice. “For the public prosecutor to request the conditional release of a person whom the state must extradite to another country is a dangerous situation. We hope that the Spanish judiciary will act with the required speed,” he commented yesterday.

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Since that incident, Ferro’s whereabouts have been unknown until Wednesday. A few months ago, Uruguayan journalist Alfonso Lisa agreed to meet him, which was requested by the repression itself. Lesshe assured that he is still in Spain, “in a secluded place (…), reserved, in a small town, but well comfortable.” In this talk, the repression spoke of the disappearance of gunmen executed during the military dictatorship in Uruguay, and considered it “a bad decision from a strategic and inhumane point of view.” He also ruled out appearing before justice immediately. According to him, the Uruguay Prosecutor’s Office responsible for investigating crimes against humanity “has a whiff of total revenge.”

Finally, it was He was arrested in the municipality of Peniscola in ValenciaThe Uruguayan newspaper El País reported. Meanwhile, Fernandez confirmed to Diaria newspaper that it is a matter of coordination between the judicial authorities in Uruguay and Spain to determine Ferro’s status. The newspaper pointed out that Uruguay’s justice has rejected for the time being all the appeals filed by the repression defense to evade extradition, which have only been decided upon.

The protagonist of the Condor Plan

Sanchez’s judicial investigation into the kidnapping and disappearance of Tassino indicates that Ferro was the hero of the Condor Plan implementation in Uruguay. For the same case, Ferro was investigated and his trial began in 1985, but he took advantage of the expiration law and was suspended. The file was reopened in 2011.

However, the ones that Tassino suffered are not the only crimes that occurred during state terrorism in the region where the retired colonel was implicated. Uruguayan media, Sudstada, reported that Vero was a member of the “OCOA” (Office of the Coordination of Anti-Subversion Operations), along with Jose Nino Javazo, Jorge Silvera, Ernesto Ramas and Manuel Cordero, among other suppressors. And he participated in the disappearance and killing of the Communist leader Fernando Miranda, Maria Claudia Garcia de Gilman, as well as the kidnapping of Universendo Rodriguez and Lilian Celebrity in Brazil, and the torture and disappearance of Andres Pellesi and Jorge Gonzalves in Argentina.

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