Free PC Software: The Ultimate List (Volume 11)

Hello friends! We are back with a new batch of free software for PC. Most of them are apps for Windows, but we’ll also find a good number of cross-platform software compatible with other systems like Linux or macOS.

Among the tools in this folder are a music production program, a 3D and VR video player, a protector for USB flash drives, and a podcast client, among many others that can be used a lot.

15 Free PC Software You Must Try

dark table: This tool is similar to the default development schedule for photographers. An open source application with which you can manage RAW photos and digital negatives in a database, and edit them without destruction. | Download from its official website

Search my files: A fast duplicate file finder with lots of filters and sub-filters that can be applied (modified date, keywords, attributes, etc.) | Download from its official website

USB write protection: A really practical tool for protecting the content of a USB flash drive: prevents any file from being modified or deleted from the USB. Perfect to prevent your computer from infecting your flash drive or leaving it to someone else and not accidentally deleting any file. | Download from its official website

Giada: A free, open source, limited edition music production tool. It allows creating loops, uploading samples, working with different audio/MIDI tracks, and supporting VST instruments. Perfect for live performances and electronic music artists. | Download from its official website

Virtual Moon Atlas: Moon atlas in which you can consult the entire surface of the moon and its geography in a detailed level with different textures. This free and open source tool has been used by official institutions such as the European Space Agency (ESA). | Download from its official website

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Free Commander: Alternative File Explorer for Windows. It features dual horizontal and vertical panels, optional per-part tree view, file-by-file view, MD5 checksum checking, DOS command line, and other advanced features. | Download from its official website

beno: a free and oriented virtual reality 3D video player. It supports 3D videos in various formats, 360-degree videos (with and without 3D), virtual reality environments such as SteamVR, CAVEs, and others. | Download from its official website

frigate: Anti-censorship software that allows access to websites that are blocked in your area or by your telephone operator. It was developed in China and among its advantages is that it does not require installation. For practical purposes, it acts as a proxy, so it is not recommended to use it to perform sensitive operations on the Internet (passwords and other personal data). | Download from its official website

Silvid: Simple and lightweight email client developed in Japan. It uses the “each email corresponds to one file” format, which avoids a lot of confusion. It supports the extension through plugins, provides spam control and support for different types of protocols. | Download from its official website

Lynx: A web browser in text format that shows us the pages as if we were in an MS-DOS window. This old school scented app developed in 2017 does not display images or ads, just plain text web content. It also allows you to download files via FTP. | Download from its official website

gPodder: A simple, open source podcast client available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and other platforms. | Download from its official website

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TIPP10: Free typing app to learn to type without looking at the keyboard. It has a fairly elegant interface and a smart choice of texts (often repeating letters that fail a lot). Available for Windows, Linux, Mac and in the web version of browsers. | Download from its official website

Microsoft Visual Studio Community: A powerful development environment for creating applications in C++, C#, VB, F#, HTML5, Python, JavaScript and other programming languages. It’s free, but we need to sign up for it Visual Studio Development Basics. | Download from its official website

Mendeli: A free reference manager in which you can store, organize, share and cite documents and research data. It is widely used in the academic world when managing document bibliography. | Download from its official website

Connectify Hotspot: An application that allows you to create a Wi-Fi access point using your computer’s Internet connection. Newer versions of Windows also allow you to do this, but Connectify makes the process easier and displays additional information, such as connected devices. | Download from its official website

You can find more interesting software for PC at:

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