Free: After a change of plans, the Epic Games Store will offer this game with very positive reviews

The Epic Games Store has won the sympathy of many thanks to its efforts Special discounts And above all to them Attractive gifts. For those who don't know, video games and other items are given away week after week to all store users. Along those lines, we already know what the next free title is.

In short, Epic Games spoiled players in the first half of 2024. We say this because they spoiled a lot AAA games And Indie experiences Very interesting: from Marvel Midnight Sun until Circus Electric. While less popular titles have been given away in recent weeks, it's hard to turn down a free title.

The new batch of gifts are now available, and we already know which address it will be possible to claim at no additional cost from then on June 20. Naturally, there was a change in plans that disappointed a section of society.

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The Epic Games Store will offer Freshly Frosted and Rumble Club content

As mentioned previously, users who have an account on Legendary Games Store You can now claim the racing game at no cost Redout 2 And over $100 in content Idle Heroes of the Forgotten Realms. As is tradition, Free game From the following week.

Originally, Epic Games Announced that users will be able to add a copy of Lego building journey, a fun puzzle game where you can build all kinds of structures. Thanks to its fun and flexible concept, it has received good reviews and is currently proud Very positive reviews on the steam.

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The Epic Games Store was about to abandon LEGO Builder's Journey

However, there was a change in plans and the title was replaced Available for free next week. instead of Lego building journeyPlayers will be able to obtain it Freshly frozena colorful puzzle game developed by Guild of Quantum Astrophysicists.

A special package will also be given away Rumble Club Which includes the “We Gamin” emote, 1000 gold points and 200 gems. Interested users can add these items to their library June 20 and 27, 2024.

No reason was given. Lego building journey It was replaced by Freshly frozen; However, this is not the first time there has been a last-minute change. Earlier this year, Epic Games announced that players would have the opportunity to claim a free trilogy of He fallsBut he eventually gave up other titles instead.

The Epic Games Store will be offering fans these free games in June
The Epic Games Store will be offering fans these free games in June

These are the following free games that will be available in the store:

  • Redout 2 – From June 13 to 20
  • Idle Heroes of the Forgotten Realms – From June 13 to 20
  • Freshly frozen – From 20 to 27 June
  • Rumble Club – From 20 to 27 June

Despite the absence Lego building journey It will be disappointing for many, it is worth noting that Freshly Frosted has very positive reviews on Steam. So, it's worth a try.

Freshly Frosted contains a total of 114 puzzles
Freshly Frosted contains a total of 114 puzzles

But tell us, what do you think of the next free game? Are you going to download it? Let us read to you in the comments.

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