Franchise arrives in Rosario with a candy-making business

Matthias Bruno and Luis Gonzalez They grew up in the city of Tandil in Buenos Aires until life led them to settle in Buenos Aires. In 2016, they realized that Buenos Aires’ tourist neighborhoods offer experiences like tango, barbecue, and wine offerings, but they didn’t have a 100% dedicated offer for dulce de leche. In this way, the idea of ​​the undertaking arose and they were created Dulce de Leche & Co.a store specializing in this delicacy which in the next few years will land a branch in rosary beads.

“We opened our first branch on May 25, 2017, which is very symbolic because it is also an important national history. We decided to praise the dulce de leche and give it a place on the show, so that tourists and locals alike can enjoy it to the fullest.” Biz Point Pedro Pablo PerezGeneral Manager of Dulce de Leche & Co.

Currently, the chain has nine stores, six of which are in different districts of the federal capital, one in the city of Olavaria and two in Salta. The tenth will open in the corner of Urquiza and Paraguay in Rosario. The local shop will be run by franchisor Marcus Gaspi, who was born in Patagonia and has lived in the city for years, who comes from an entirely different field: the world of fitness and gyms. “I travel a lot to Buenos Aires and on one of those trips I got to know the brand. I visited the Palermo store and tried the products and found them to be excellent. I must admit that I was not a huge fan of dulce de leche, but I think this is the richest country in the world.”, Pioneer stated business for this port.

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After his personal experience with Dulce de Leche & Co. He decided to learn more about the brand and so contacted one of the owners. “I wanted to start with a franchise,” he said, “because I was looking for new business prospects, and it happened in that aspect.”

He explained that the total Rosario branch will be about 100 square meters. It is scheduled to open on November 2.

The Rosario branch will include a specialty cafeteria, where customers can sit down for a coffee and sample some produce, be it pure dulce de leche, alfajores, dulce de leche, handmade sweets, or bars, among others. “We are on the cusp of launching a new range of products at the end of the year. Nationally, we are constantly working on integrating novelties,” the director added.

When asked about the brand’s expansion plans, Perez said they will raise a flag in Santa Fe in November. In addition, by the end of the year they will open a branch in Porto Alegre, Brazil. At the same time, in the middle of 2023 they plan to repeat business in the United States and also land in Europe. As for Rosario, they are confident that they will add more stores in the future.

Dulce de leche is an Argentinean seal and its International Day is on October 11th. Along with mate, empanadas and asado, it has been recognized as part of the national gastronomic heritage. Out of curiosity, more than 40% of dulce de leche production is carried out in small businesses in Buenos Aires.

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