Frances Leon has a dream with La Cañada Femenino

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06:59 • 01 March. 2021

Updated on 07:19 • 01 March. 2021

Young coach with great illusion And things are clear. Frances Lyon He designed a good model in No, Caniada Female in an attempt to be promoted to the First National Division, where UD Almería competes. The sugarcane team is distinguished by good set formed, quality on top and safety in the back. They create a lot of goals and are very good at few.


He has a good team that aspires to everything this season: “I am very happy with the group we have this year. At first it seemed to be something else, but the truth is that a great dressing room was equipped and the atmosphere prevailed, which in the end is essential to achieving the main goals of this season. It is true that The results help So there is a good atmosphere, the higher the team, the better the mood will always be. Nothing bad happened between them and he appears in the end on the field. “


Dreamed of going up to La Cañada National first classBut they go game after game: “The goal? (Laughs…) It’s complicated. We know there is another league with a possible semi-final and a final; the idea is to finish the regular league at the highest level possible and hopefully the leaders. It’s very important to finish getting.” On a file Little advantage To play those games at home. “


Most teams want to be like Almería: “All clubs in this category want to be next season where UD Almería is. Difficult target That can be lifted, but better when the time is right, now it is far away. It’s the illusion we have in the locker room, but still There is a lot of league left Because now they are taking back the days that were postponed. “

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Francis Lyon hung his shoe because the seat called it:I was bitten by the training error, I got nicknames, I really got National and ended up coaching girls from La Cañada, whom they had already known since the time of Estudiantes. I’m very happy”.


It has the best players in a category Andalusian III have a very good team, I can’t complain. The best in the class? I must say yes because I have to defend my players to death, They show it to me day in and day out and in games“.

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Mr. Caneiro opened his soccer book:We like to be champions in matchesWe’ve got the ball, we’re making high pressure. We like to win by playing well, but sometimes there is luck management, but I think all coaches like to win by playing well. If you don’t play well, it’s because there are many things that need to be improved. ”.

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