Frances Hogan reveals the sins of Facebook in front of the US Senate

Frances Hogan, a former Facebook boss, revealed herself this week as the person behind the leak of his acquaintances. Facebook Archives. These internal company documents show, among other things, that Facebook has ignored the negative effects of Instagram among teenage girls. Although it’s not the first time that the social network’s image has been demonized, Haugen’s words have had such an impact on American society that today she has been called to testify before the Senate to certify her statements.

Haugen attended the program 60 minutes From CBS to explain all the Facebook sins I’ve known firsthand. He previously leaked all these investigations and documents to lawmakers and The Wall Street Journal, which for the past few weeks has been reporting the toxicity of the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

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Another stigma for Facebook photo

Haugen’s public and television conviction has caused one of Facebook’s worst crises, which faces serious accusations such as fueling hate and mental problems, allowing some users to Violate company rules or help organize Taking the Capitol off January 6.

Today Haugen is a vital part of the US Senate subcommittee in a dubbed hearing Protecting children online, which is closely related to and overlooked by Facebook’s research on the negative effects of Instagram on the mental health of young users, especially girls.

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“32% of girls say that when they feel bad about their bodies, Instagram makes them feel bad,” the company’s internal documents said. What did Facebook do to solve this problem that has claimed so many lives? Nothing at all. This is what Haugen denounces, among other obscure matters in which Facebook’s morality is most clearly manifested by its absence.

Facebook Archives

Disinformation spreads with Facebook’s approval

Haugen, 37, knows what he’s talking about. This computer engineering celebrity holds an MBA from Harvard University and came to Facebook in 2019 after working for other big name tech companies like Google or Pinterest. “I watched a lot of social media and it was much worse on Facebook than anything I’ve seen before,” he told CBS in his first TV interview.

Not affected by money. But to make the world a better place to live. He found an important position on Facebook: he was the Director of Content for the Civil Integrity Department. In other words, he was fighting hand to hand against disinformation. It was a personal matter: a good friend fell into the clutches of precedent and radicalized white supremacy.

Frances Hogan

Frances Hogan gave her testimony in a prime time show

60 minutes

Haugen has been in many companies and Facebook has the least concerns.

From his Facebook, he wanted to help this social network, one of the most used in the world, to be a space free of misinformation, toxicity and hate. However, Facebook was not helped. According to Hogan, the more tense the atmosphere, the better for Facebook. And of course, the heads of social networks were already fine if it meant an economic benefit.

“What I’ve seen on Facebook over and over again is that there was a conflict of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook, and Facebook repeatedly chose to optimize for its own interests, such as making more money,” Haugen emphasized.

Facebook has repeatedly chosen to improve in its own interests


Frances HoganFormer Facebook Manager

These statements, which are covered by all the documents he collected before leaving for Facebook, contradict the official version of the social network. The company’s statement goes on to say that they are doing what they can to maintain freedom of expression as well as the safety of its users. “Saying that we promote bad content without doing anything is not true,” they say from Facebook.

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Haugen admitted that Zuckerberg has tried to solve some of these problems – slightly – although he “lies when he says he’s made significant progress in disinformation or hatred.” And the documentation backs this up again.

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