France: Law bans companies from using plastic to package fruits and vegetables

A law that has been in effect since January 1 in France Banning companies from using plastic to package fruits and vegetables Weighing less than 1.5 kilos. Magazines and other publications should also be wrapped without plastic wrap.

Companies must Replace plastic with alternatives such as cardboard, cellulose mesh or paper bagsFrench authorities expect this new regulation to eliminate about one billion plastic waste annually.

moreover, Companies in the automotive sector They will have to run ads promoting walking and cycling instead of driving, all with the aim of reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Data indicate that the transport sector in France is responsible for approximately 31% of emissions of these gases.

the Telephone operators and Internet service providers The French will also have to ask their customers to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their online activity and the use of mobile phones.

Eight million tons of plastic are produced in Europe annually for single use.

The law was enacted on February 10, 2020 in the European country and was based on 166 articles. It was signed by Minister for Environmental Transformation Barbara Bombelli, Minister for Finance and Economy Bruno Le Maire, and Minister for Agriculture Julien Dennormandy.

Criticisms against this measure

The law has generated different opinions, despite the fact that it represents progress for the country and the European continent from an environmental point of view.

Laurent Grandin, president of the Interville Federation of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector, regretted that the authorities had not taken into account Small businesses that won’t be able to afford the “insurmountable” costs of plastic alternatives.

“They never consulted us,” Grandin told the agency. France Press agency.

Another case is that of Armand Chaigne, director of industrial markets for DS Smith Packaging, who received the scale with optimism, particularly because of what it could mean for carton manufacturers.

The companies will be given six months to exhaust the stock of plastic bottles.

“It is estimated that in Europe, of the eight million tons of plastic produced annually for single-use packaging, 1.5 million tons can already be withdrawn,” he told the same media.

“This represents about 70 billion units of single-use plastic packaging,” or “about 7 billion euros ($7.9 billion) in potential additional bills for cartons,” he added.

Executive branch granted a Companies within six months to exhaust their plastic packaging stocks. Likewise, the full legislation will not be implemented until 2026, to give companies a longer period of adjustment.

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