France facilitates entry for travelers from the United States and Canada

This content was published on Jun 17, 2021 – 11:21 AM

Paris, June 17 (EFE). – France is facilitating the entry of people from the United States and Canada, countries on its “green” list, so that they do not have to quarantine even if they have not been vaccinated, as long as they present a negative Covid test.

Today the government published a decree that includes a series of changes in the classification of countries by epidemic risk, among them Paraguay, now listed in the “red”, such as Afghanistan and the Maldives.

This means that everyone intending to travel to France from there will have to justify a “compelling reason”, submit a negative PCR test or antigen test done within 48 hours at most before boarding the plane and undergo a new antigen test upon landing.

Furthermore, if they complete the immunization protocol (with any EMA-authorized vaccines), they will have to remain in isolation for seven days; If not, they will have to comply with a mandatory 10-day quarantine subject to police control and in case of non-compliance face a fine of more than 1,000 euros.

In that same “red list” came Turkey, and Paraguay, Afghanistan and the Maldives joined Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Suriname.

As for the United States and Canada, they fall into the group of countries where it is considered to have a low prevalence of the virus and few variables of concern.

This means that for people arriving from there to travel to France, it is sufficient to complete a vaccination protocol or submit a coronavirus test less than 72 hours before boarding.

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Travelers from another country in the European Economic Area, from Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore were already in the same situation.

France does not have the United Kingdom on that list because most of the coronavirus cases there are of the alleged Indian type. EFE

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