France bans comprehensive language in schools

The French government is responsible for Emmanuel Macron, He expressed that inclusive language is an obstacle For the sake of “reading, writing and comprehension” of students, so it cannot be used as a substitute.

Circular of the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel BlancerAnd the Then banning the use of inclusive language In all schools and institutions of that region of the government.

As mentioned RFI, The Minister’s argument revolves around the “complexity” and “instability” of this language use that constitutes “obstacles to language acquisition and reading” and affects reading aloud and pronunciation because transcription is not possible. Verbal is that kind of spelling.

Stop “husband and wife”: INTA encourages the use of inclusive and non-sexist language

For this reason, the document highlights that “the use of so-called inclusive writing should be prohibited, which uses the midpoint to show the feminine and masculine forms of the word used in the masculine when used in a general sense.”

“Inclusive writing modifies respect for the usual conformity rules stipulated in the framework of educational programs,” notes the text published in the Official Gazette on Thursday May 6, which states the ban.

However, the circular clarifies that a Feminization of jobs It should be applied when women practice them: “The title of jobs exercised by women must be systematically feminized according to the rules laid down in the manual to aid in the feminization of the names of professions, titles, degrees and occupations established by the national. Scientific Research Center and the National Institute of the French Language.”

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Non-sexist language: for synergy between ‘A’ and ‘E’

How does “inclusive” work in French

It should be noted that the inclusive language does not function the same way Spanish does, as it does not use the letter “e” but instead incorporates a female suffix in the masculine noun over a period. For example, instead of “artisans” (artisans) or “agriculturalists” (farmers), write “artisans” and “agriculture” (the letter “e” is the female sign).

In this sense, a few days ago, the official said, “Putting dots in the middle of words is an obstacle to conveying our language to everyone, for example, with regard to Students with dyslexiaHe justified this by saying, “We face the tremendous challenge of promoting basic knowledge and comprehensive writing that stands in the way of this challenge.”

Contrary to this position, the LDS Education Syndicate said in a statement that it “called on the minister to stop trying to impose.” Reactionary towards the educational community“The staff demanded that they ignore these instructions from another era and exercise their complete educational freedom according to their professional status.”

Comprehensive language in French

An Inclusive Language: The Debate in France and Argentina

In recent years, feminist groups have expressed that the current language means “hiding” women and have advocated the use of inclusive language.

However, the minister is not the first to want to ban this use, but rather follows the line of the French Academy of the Language, which considered it in October 2017 “error”. A month later, the then prime minister, Edward Philip, An order forbidden in official texts and acts.

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In the case of our country, an inclusive language, despite some academic disapproval, is more acceptable, and even many public organizations and institutions Like PAMI and ANSESAnd the University of Buenos Aires and the Central Bank are already using it.


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