Fran arrived with an original proposal with her album Ciencia Fricción

“Pensando en Ti” is one of the songs from Fran’s album “Ciencia Fricción” and in this material the artist shows the contradiction between reality and fiction. In an interview with Metro, Fran shared, “What I did was build a story out of several songs and changed the creative process a bit. And how to make songs. It’s that I wrote a story as if I were writing a movie and then divided it into chapters which are the ones that make up the whole album.”

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Along the same lines, the artist explained, “My album is like a love story that is really a kind of critique/analysis of the way we live today. For Pensando en Ti, I wanted to get out of my head and compose something completely fictitious and so I put together the entire album.” In addition, the singer said that “Ciencia Fricción” has a personality that is the same and is someone who is “very passionate and enjoys love to the fullest.”

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Tell Fran how to become a musician

It must be said that Fran, before becoming a musician, worked in an office since studying for a college degree, however, His life took an interesting turn when his girlfriend had to travel and he realized how much he misses her and started writing songs.. What started as a simple activity gradually became the passion of Fran who was so excited to start his musical career.

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Finally, Fran spoke, “I’ve learned many things from many artists and benefited from every single one of them and one of those artists was Lasso, who said to me, ‘When you sit down to write a song it’s like you’re writing a script for a movie.'” In closing, the singer spoke about the essence of “Ciencia Fricción” and stated, “Really, what I talked about is this love process that we’ve all been through and it’s always ups and downs in feelings because how many partners do you have before you get to the right person. And ever since I started my career, I’ve loved writing about love and doing it differently“.

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