Fox attacked AMLO for consultation in 2022: ‘Indifference alone eliminates invalidation’

Fox attacked AMLO for consulting on repealing the mandate in 2022 (Images: Cuartoscuro/Presidency of Mexico)

previous president Vicente Fox set off against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador due to consult with revocation of the mandate Proposed by the current head of the federal executive branch.

Through his Twitter account, the expander confirmed it “Indifference alone eliminates avoidance.”, which can be interpreted as a call for non-participation in democratic practice.

It should be noted that on November 1, it was National Electoral Institute The National Institute of Statistics (INE) started the period of collecting signatures to support citizens to implement the process of revoking the mandate of the President of the Republic in 2022. The Institute announced that of the 24 thousand and 29 notifications of intent received from citizenship, 22 thousand 419 requirements, or 93.3%, who as of On Monday, with the help of their assistants, They will be able to collect approvals until December 15th.

According to current legislation, the participation of at least 3% of citizens registered in the electoral register to conduct a consultation. that by saying, A total of 2 million 758 thousand 227 people must endorse the President’s proposal with their signature. It must represent at least a percentage 17 entities of the republic.

The enlarged confirmed that
The extender emphasized that “indifference only kills invalidation”, which can be interpreted as a call to not participate in the democratic exercise (Image: Twitter @ VicenteFoxQue)

If the minimum requirements are met to be able to conduct the electoral process, Citizens can go to the polls on March 27, 2022 to exercise their right to vote.

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The question that will be asked to the Mexicans in the said consultation is:Do you agree to cancel the term of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of the United Mexican States, due to loss of confidence or to remain in the Presidency of the Republic until the end of his term? “

Last Wednesday, November 3, President Lopez Obrador took a moment during his morning press conference to make an invitation to participate in the upcoming Democratic exercise. “I think I can do that, You must participate in canceling the assignment, all the people, who we all participate in canceling the mandate, yes or no, yes it continues, not that I am resigning,” he commented.

He also stressed the importance of engaging in consultation after conservative groups opposed it: “Conservatives are Democrats when it suits them, so they don’t want to participate and will tell people not to participate,” he said.

If the minimum requirements for conducting the electoral exercise are met, citizens can go to the polls on March 27, 2022 to exercise their right to vote (Photo: Coparmex)
If the minimum requirements for conducting the electoral exercise are met, citizens can go to the polls on March 27, 2022 to exercise their right to vote (Photo: Coparmex)

The above is complete after Supreme Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal for the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) Determine, on Monday, November 2, that the President is Legally unable to comment and report consultation on revocation of authorization.

In the event that the President of the Republic expresses his opinion or reports on an electoral exercise to withdraw the mandate, it shall be violated Federal Law to Abolish Mandate, which is the same law that says Mexico’s government and president cannot influence public opinion about repeal.

“I think it’s a good exercise because it’s not just implemented now in March, but it’s already put into the constitution, and going forward, it has to be implemented every three years, and people are going to have to ask what the sovereign is, who is in charge, do you want the president to continue or Resign? This allows the people to have the reins of power in their hands.”

Similarly, the National Institute of Statistics was established as the only institute Entity authorized to use resources for impartial and beneficial promotion of the next consultationIn this sense, no governmental body may speak or influence public opinion in the electoral process.

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