Four things you need to know before Google Photos stops being free

Google Photos will end unlimited free storage starting at 15GB: a change in service policy that has resulted in more than one question from users.

For this reason, the company unveiled a tool that facilitates its use as well as summoned related aspects to consider prior to June 1: the date of the change.

*Premium quality pre-saved items are exempt from alteration

High-quality photos and videos saved in the app before June 1 “will not be counted in your Google account storage”, any items saved after this date will be taken into account in 15 GB The company grants every Gmail account, RT Actualidad reported.

Once that limit is exceeded, there is potential for storage expansion through Google One, with quotas in the US starting at $ 1.99 per month. This way, the limit can be increased to 100 GB.

*New storage management tool

The tech giant has created a tool that will help control Google’s storage space.

This tool displays photos or videos that you may want to delete, such as blurry photos, screenshots, and large videos.

*Estimated time for storage

Google Photos will provide a personalized estimate of how long the storage space can last, which is done taking into account the number of times a user backs up photos, videos, and other content to their Google account.

The company estimates that more than 80% of consumers “should be able to store about three more years of high-quality memories” with 15 GB of free storage.

*Easier to understand storage options

Google plans to rename the “High-Quality Storage Layer”, to make the system easier for users to use. In other words, the photos option is now renamed “Storage Saver”. This is a small change of the name, and it will not affect the quality of the photos and videos.

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