Four series on Netflix have all gone viral in the US, but in Latin America they go unnoticed

CATALOGUE Netflix It has its main purpose It captivates audiences all over the world. The task is not simple and for this, the bets are giant streams on production from different regions. Thus, since its inception, we have been able to see the imbalance of European, Latin and Oriental content taking a presence on the platform and competing alongside blockbuster American productions. However, with such a diverse audience and such different preferences, it is not difficult to understand that there will always be Series or movies that do well in an area But this is elsewhere They did not have the same success.

Most viewed by country and in the United States Four series that broke audience records for a long time. In Latin America, they also have loyal followers, but for the vast majority, they are places that go unnoticed. However, it’s never too late to give a new series a chance to become a potential free-time favourite.

If there is one thing global TV has in store for you They are realistic performances. hypothesis warning At first glance it sounds familiar, but as its episodes progress, a whole new world is discovered with plenty of freshness delivered by the charismatic participants.

Released in 2022, it has ten episodes One hour each and followed a group of Couples who test their love and fidelity when they have to meet ‘other potential suitors’ Will they be able to be faithful and marry the one they think is the love of their life? Or will they say goodbye to start a new relationship with someone from the show? The series in the US is berserk, so will the same happen in Latin America? | Watch Ultimatum: say yes or say goodbye

The series is over, therefore, for fans of the resolved story, this is your ideal choice. Started in 2016 and the last episode premiered in 2021, it has now hit Netflix to be a hit. The series revolves around the story of Teresa, a young, lower-class Mexican woman who escapes to Dallas. After her boyfriend was killed.

Queen of the South Trailer

However, upon arrival in the United States He begins working with the cartel that killed his partner He makes his way through the organization thanks to a loyal companion and a mysterious notebook. | Watch queen of the south

This Canadian-origin series has thrilled audiences in the United States since 2007. With no plans to end soon, it has become one of television’s fictional stories. The longest running run in Canadian history with a total of 234 episodes and 15 seasons. Although it hardly gets uploaded to Netflix Nine deliveries From 7 to 15And More than enough to plunge into a world Heartland And give continuity to the story if the first six seasons can be seen beforehand.

Heartland premiered in 2007 and continues to produce episodes

The production is based on the monolithic books by Lauren Brooke and set in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada; Follows the story of sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather Jack Bartlett and how their lives on a horse ranch are more dizzying than anyone can imagine. | Watch Heartland

for lovers Vikings also Vikings: Valhalla, the last kingdom It is a perfect hypothesis. The series is located on the other side of history and narrates the events that took place in England in the ninth century but from the point of view of British kingdoms before the invasion of the Vikings.

Trailer for the second season of The Last Kingdom

after the Anglo-Saxon lands were attacked and captured, in many cases, by northern forces; The Kingdom of Wessex is left alone in the fight to defend its territory, and it will be the responsibility of King Alfred the Great to protect everything they have built. league It contains five seasons and they are all available on Netflix. | Watch The last kingdom

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