Formulating public policy in science, technology and innovation

The image corresponds to the fourth session of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, in the Torre Centenario building.

on Friday (09.16.2022) in the Torre Centenario building, the Fourth session From Science, Technology and Innovation Council, led by the Department of Information and Communication Technology Management, with the Secretariat for the Economic Development of the Region and the “Calinteligente” strategy. The conference allowed progress on specific issues to formulate Public Policy at STI.

During the activity, advisors temporary technical schedule From the Council socialized their observations on the document Public policy, which were sent by the drafting team in the administration of the region based on the meetings and agreements reached in previous sessions. Likewise, generalities for the action plan and 52 associated projects have so far been submitted by the various organizations affiliated with the Cali Mayor’s Office.

“Expression is key with all actors, as this will allow us to work hand in hand with strategies and programmes, so that people are trained on different digital content. Advance in one “Warmsmart” It will allow our citizens to adopt technological skills and capabilities to improve their quality of life,” argued Marcela Patiño, consultant and project leader. “Warmsmart”.

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For Lina Marisol Romero, Deputy Director of Digital Innovation at Datic, the day was very interesting and many goals were achieved. “We have received comments from the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation for amendments to the document that will be submitted to the Cali Municipal Council. This will allow us to have a strong and specific policy with the quadruple helix,” the official said.

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Henry Caicedo Asprilla, Professor at Universidad del Valle, believes that Cali should put science, technology and innovation as central to its development. In this way it will be conceived as an innovative city and will attract more investment. That is why it is essential that knowledge be at the center because it will improve quality of life, competitiveness and development.

during the Fourth session From Science, Technology and Innovation Councilpresented Caicedo Asparilla Valley of KnowledgeIt is a proprietary project Network of Universities for Innovation in Valle del Cauca-Rubif, which is committed to exploring alternatives to governance to standardize and strengthen the science, technology and innovation system in the region and in Cali.

At the end of the day, participation certificates were handed over to Cabinet representatives Quad helix which is part of STI . boardwith the aim of highlighting their work and recognizing them as contributors to the formulation public policy in science, technology and innovation for Cali.

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