Formula 1 – Canada Grand Prix: Jasikevicius has his dream game in Barcelona

Team sports, in their depths, are not much different from so-called “individual sports”. Remember, the more experienced, Miguel Endorain always finishes the alpine stages in the plural; “We overtook Chiauchi’s attacks very well.” I’ve always had the same question Who: You and your bike, Miguel?

Barcelona winning this King’s Cup – without an audience in the stands but with moments of great basketball – was very much like the final tie in a tennis tournament. To win … (Put the name you imagine), for example now in Australia, You better hold him clueless for the first round, Still a little inconvenient, from doing it later with flight speed activated.

Unicaja owned Barcelona Against the ropes in those first rounds of the tournament (The first, second and third quarter of the quarter-finals …), but he was allowed to return to the match, and the final tiebreak was sentenced. 30 points for Bresula, dreaming of basketball, and the whole Unicaja making good decisions, finally clashed with Peter’s principle; His arsenal was completely empty in overtime.

The opponent didn’t even have to use the famous “Corey Higgins” punch. When I need it, pim, pam, two play them, Brizuela’s three defenses definitely sank him, Jasikevicius’ shot Make a statement that drowns competitors; It was my fault, you know. “I did not transmit … as you know”; “This way we can’t compete well and win this championship … you know!” What their opponents really know is that Barcelona (6 with this one) or Real Madrid (6 others) have won all Copa del Rey since 2010, playing 7 of 11 possible finals between them.

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Real Madrid is losing its power

However, it doesn’t look like the other finalists in the tournament have reached such a date as you’ve been there so many times. Many victims – not the least of doubts – expected him. The semi-final match against Tenerife was one of many matches in which the favorite arrives with various troubles and potential excuses. But Lasso frowned at the band. He got angry twice with his players and four or five times at the referees; He entrusted the defense of Tavares and took refuge in one of his distinguishing features; He who does not face his face at least does not play here. Sergio Lol realized that once he got to the profession. His basketball from Puerta Grande … or the infirmary. Trailing 20 times in the second quarter, grabbing three straight balls, crossed midfield without looking sideways, scoring in an almost unbelievable way, Tenerife was starting to doubt. Pain resolved the road again to competitive hunger.

Pablo Lasso (Effie)
Pablo Lasso (Effie)

We said a long time ago that Lasso, as a player, really wanted to coach all of us. We don’t remember a man with a similar obsession … except perhaps Saras Jacekivicius. And here we finally get both. Madrid, in Laso’s hands these years, has never faced Barcelona as the author as the current one can be. After the successful period of Xavi Pascual (Who arrived in Barcelona in a manner similar to what Laso did in Madrid; almost from the back door), The others were very interactive signatures. Jasikevicius appears to be able to change this trend. If Laso’s past preparations have had good flashes in Guipúzcoa, and great moments in Valencia, few things have been equally worthy in European basketball as Saras and his team Zalgiris Kaunas have qualified to the fourth Euroleague final two seasons ago. His ways Sometimes they still remember that demonic character who frightened childrenBut he came to the bench at Barcelona with the right balance between the club’s need, his maturity on the board, and the infectious energy he had always shown.

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Team sports, in their depths, are not much different from so-called “individual sports”. A perfect connection between the brain and the muscles is absolutely essential. For this reason, the statement by the Barcelona coach at the end of the Friday game (“I didn’t know…” “It was my fault…”), for the person who wrote the letters, had a clear message; The game is mine, and I know that with these pieces I can play like everyone elseI won’t negotiate with a lack of focus. The muscles got the message, in the final they all came out in good shape from the magazines, and the handling of the match with the cup at stake not only made them enjoy 40 minutes of clear superiority, but also sent a warning to the competitors of their standing; To win the Grand Slams against Barcelona, ​​it is best to catch up with him clueless before the final. When Saras hints at the jackpot, his mind as a competitor is that of the elect, especially if he encounters a competitor of Lasso’s stature, whose muscle this time hasn’t given him more.

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