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Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri He ensures that his country does not need “messianism” or “enlightened people” to come to the rescue of the citizens, but that it has to “think about the concept of the team, that everyone is a part of it, and going back to the basics that it has lost, that it is simple: work culture.”

“I myself tried not to pay for the idea of ​​the leader, perhaps to reverse what did not work in Argentina, and it is known that the future and happiness of everyone depends on what one can contribute to,” the former president explained. Society does not sit at home and wait for a politician to give him a plan, and he lives on the gift and appreciating policy.

Macri acknowledged that in the 2019 elections, in which incumbent President Alberto Fernandez won 48% of the vote, he was unable to convince voters that “going backwards would be a disaster for Argentina”.

“And I still wonder to this day, how could I not find a way for them to see what I saw clearly? However, today I think an important part of them realized that it was a huge mistake.”

With this conviction, Macri believes the country has come to realize the importance of a change of government that will lead the country once again to “be part of the world, committed to transparency, while respecting the law.”

‘Argentina is falling back’

In his opinion, with the return of the Kirchnerism to power, Argentina is “regressing”, in aspects that it considers to have advanced during its reign, such as foreign policy: “We have gone from being hosts of the G-20 and having perfect relations with the whole world, with the exception of countries such as Venezuela or Iran , has conflicts with almost all countries, including Mercosur, which is in crisis due to tensions and lack of dialogue with Brazil and Uruguay in particular.”

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However, now, “We have conflicts with Chile, with Colombia, with European countries, we come and go with the United States, we leave the Lima Group, which condemns the violation of human rights in Venezuela, with the Organization of American States, and that is what we have to do. We add. To that profound macroeconomic change once again.”

We have almost reached financial equilibrium, and today we are in a very high deficit. We’re starting to cut very distorting taxes that keep jobs away, because they keep investment away, and they’ve caught up in excessive regulation, and private business case violations, and generated a monthly tax,” Macri said.

Although he also admitted that his government could not meet the expectations set, beginning with an election campaign that “denied the reality of a bankrupt nation-state. It was a very positive and negative campaign on the part of both candidates.”

“This is a world that is driven by expectations and we are creating expectations that we can’t keep up quickly then,” said Macri, who also highlights the little room for maneuver his chief executive has had with minorities in both houses.

again to change

And the former Argentine president is confident that he will be able to correct those mistakes in the future, “with all the lessons we learned as leaders”.

He trusts the Juntos para el Pueblo team, which, he explains, is made up of young people with government experience.

If this team is going to head him as a candidate for Argentina’s presidency, it is not something he can confirm at this time, although he is aware that the title of his book, “The First Time”, is very “provocative”.

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“But I did it on purpose because I wanted to make it clear that there was the second half of the change, and that this was a prelude. Strange, because there is a long way to go, but we have come the second half already, that maturity of the people is going to take us there, and the important thing is that we are together for Change we go back to rule,” he said.

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