Forest fires in Argentina and the world: What do they have to do with climate change

The Forest fires are typical of nature and They are not always bad. Sometimes, fire is used as a regulator of ecosystems and has a positive side. This is the case of controlled burns performed in Palmar National Park From Entre Ríos for grassland management and conservation of savannah environment with palm trees.

However, in August (and many other months too) Our country has gone through several sources of fire So far, there are active fires in six Argentine provinces (Santa Fe, Inter Rios, Buenos Aires, Chaco, Catamarca and San Luis), according to the daily report of the National Fire Department.

according to him Ministry of Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentAnd 95% of fires are caused by human activities Ranging from accidents to negligence. Climatic factors may favor its spread.

But this happened in different parts of the world: the uncontrollable fires in Cordoba The news came a few days ago about the bulldozing of mountains, homes and shops, which necessitated the evacuation of a town Potrero de GarayKalamuchita Valley.

employment CaliforniaAnd United StateThe context of drought and heat wave did not help to contain them and currently active sources are continuing and they are controlled by 45%.

central region of Russia It also saw a deepening of the usual fiery seasons, due to strong winds, record heat and drought. The same thing also happened in FranceAnd GreeceAnd TurkeyAnd Algeria And Morocco Examples keep adding. This indicates that no countries are exempt from the effects of climate change.

How are fires related to global warming?

Global warming doesn’t generate it, but it does Makes natural phenomena more extremeDroughts are more frequent, floods more severe, and wildfires more permanent. Issuance and compilation greenhouse gases (GEI) in the atmosphere is what causes the average temperature to rise. While, A warmer planet will inevitably worsen the fire and thus its consequences.

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Latest report from Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC) yielded concrete data: People are 100% responsible for the warming of the atmosphere and oceans “170 years ago”.According to one of the report’s authors, Mesa Rojas Coradi.

In this sense, the Scientist and Vice-Chairman of the First Working Group of the Commission, Carolina Veraconfirmed it We can mitigate the effects of climate change if we reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and lower the average global temperature.

But that will depend on world leaders and their policies to implement it. In November COP26, also known as Climate Change Leaders Summit, including the president Alberto Fernandez will be a part. It’s a conference HIM-HER-IT Where national and international strategies for adaptation and dealing with the effects of global warming will be presented and discussed.

This is based on what was established in Paris Agreement, signed by Argentina, bid Maintaining the average temperature of the planet at no more than 2 ° C Above pre-industrial levels, and with stress, 1.5°C.

It is estimated that each country’s obligation will be according to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and in this case, The richest countries bear the greatest responsibility. And the Argentine president considered that “one of the biggest problems that the change in the energy matrix poses is how to finance it”, with regard to the transition to renewable energies.

However, he emphasized that his government has “A true commitment to the environment“.

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