Ford invests in the production of gas and electric cars in the United States

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Ford Motor Company It will invest 3 billion 700 million dollars in assembly plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri, in the United States for the production of electric cars and gasoline.

The company made it clear Of the total investment, $2.3 billion will go to electric vehiclespart of the $50 billion it had previously announced in this branch of business through 2026.

Ford announced in March that it will be running its own car Electric vehicle and internal combustion engine work (ICE) as separate units, in a move aimed at competing with the electric car maker Tesla.

The company said it plans to More than 2 million electric cars are manufactured annually worldwide by the end of 2026, accounting for a third of its global production.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has issued an executive order creating The goal is for automakers to sell 50 percent of the vehicles New in 2030 as electric or hybrid models.

Ford said it will invest $2 billion in three Michigan plants to Increased production of new truck F-150 Lightning up to 150 thousand units, A procedure already set in April, for the manufacture of new versions of the truck Watchman and sports mustang.

Company operations in Ohio will mean Investing one thousand and 600 million dollars and creating almost one thousand 900 jobsIncluding a new commercial vehicle.

About $100 million will be spent in Missouri to add 1,100 workers for a third shift at an assembly plant outside Kansas City to boost production of gas-electric transit trucks, the company said.

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Similarly, Ford commented that $1 billion, of the announced total, will be spent in the next five years to “improve the ergonomics” in the factories.

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