“For the world, the key elections are the European elections.”

The Valencian chemist and physicist Eugenio Coronado was in Champions Of European science. boss Institute of Molecular Sciences (ICMol) Subordinate University of Valencia (UV) Which he created 24 years ago, and made history in 2010 by being… The first Valencia to achieve an A Advanced scholarshipthe largest aid (2.5 million) and Wahiba Who grants European Research Council (ERC) For senior researchers to develop projects On the frontiers of knowledge. This is an achievement that was surpassed in 2018 with the second advanced grant.

It is a global reference in Design of magnetic molecules and materials for molecular spintronicswhich is an emerging nanotechnology, unlike traditional electronics, It exploits the electron's charge and magnetic moment (defined by a quantum property called spin) to process and transmit information more efficiently than current technologies and with lower energy costs.

“Europe is the core of my scientific career”

“Europe is the core of my scientific career. It is where I developed and grew as a scientist, and where “We are trying to create a strong European community in various fields of research.”, he explains. To this end, it fosters distinguished international research networks such as European Institute of Molecular Magnetism (EIMM) Which he leads, but also in other emerging fields such as molecular spintronics, molecular quantum technologies, or 2D molecular materials similar to graphene.

“We created Networks funded by European programmes Which allows us to put Europe At the forefront of research in these strategic areas, in some topics superior to the USA, Japan or China“, Add

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Eugenio Coronado, professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of Valencia, founded the Institute of Molecular Sciences in Valencia 24 years ago.

Coronado is an example of European citizenshipHe spends at least three months a year outside Spain working with researchers from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy or Poland. “Science has no limits The European Union facilitates this type of research without borders“, He says.

Scientific leadership

What do you think? “The European elections are the most important Because they are the ones who decide the future of Europe and its strategy for science and for science Ensuring scientific and industrial leadership “These are fundamental choices for scientists, because the strategic lines of research and its funding depend on the composition of the European Parliament,” he highlights.

Eugenio Coronado, attending to the Levante-EMV team in his office.

For this reason, Coronado points out that the ERC program, which prioritizes personal scientific excellence over innovation, is “crucial for us.” Status and recognition of the work done by researchers at the frontiers of knowledge“, arose “thanks to the fact that at a certain moment there was a formation of forces in the European Parliament that decided that we could proceed with measures of this kind, which are considered necessary.” So that European research, especially basic research, is developed at the highest level“.

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